BUK Bombing: A Southerner Confesses He Was Involved In The Attack

Bayero University, Kano (BUK) Augustine Effiong, 25, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, who is popularly known as Abubakar Garba said on Monday that he helped carry out deadly attacks on April 29 at church services in the old campus of the Bayero University, Kano (BUK) and admitted belonging to the extremist group, Boko Haram in his confession to police.

The Scene of the BUK blast that killed about 20 people including two professors

The State Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Idris who disclosed this in a press statement made available to reporters said that, Mr Effiong had confessed to be one of those behind the attack on Christian worshipers at BUK.

Mr Effiong, though an indigene of Akwa Ibom was born and brought up at Maiduguri before he later converted to Islam. The police said, “he has been transferred to Abuja for discreet investigations”.

The command said Mr Effiong was arrested over an attempt to murder a civilian at Danlasan Village in Warawa Local Government Area of Kano state.

During the preliminary investigation, the suspect, a resident of Bulunkutu Abuja Quarters in Maiduguri confessed to have relocated to the Kano state last April.

“He confessed to have participated in a series of attacks, killing of policemen and military personnel in the state (Kano), including the recent attack and killings in Bayero University Kano (BUK),” the police said.

Attackers with bombs and guns opened fire at church services at BUK last month and killed about 20 people including two professors as worshippers tried to flee.

“I was involved in the attack at BUK,” he told reporters in Hausa.

He further confessed to being part of a “20-man killer squad” charged with targeting the security services around Kano.

Boko Haram has repeatedly targeted the security services in Kano and has claimed attacks that have killed more than 1,000 people since mid-2009.

“I killed many people, including five soldiers at checkpoints,” in Kano, Mr Effiong said.

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  1. Sani Aminu Kano Reply

    may Allah continue to expose them out ameen.

  2. Babajulbe Reply

    May God reveal all attrocities in my country

  3. Babajulbe Reply

    May God safe my country

  4. esther Reply

    Wats d news..sure dis news was posted by a northerner just to implicate southerners..mtschew…d other time it was a Yoruba

  5. Jamil Reply

    Hmm very Funny indeed… if it was northerner then the news is real, but southerner is setup ryt?? cuz all crime belongs 2 north talk like civilize people pls. Nonsence…

  6. christie Reply

    Whenever,wherever however he killed innocent Nigerians and must face judgement even if he is from the blues.

  7. amana Reply

    well well well…..glory be 2God,he will expose more of then oo…wether a northerner or southerner anywhere he is from pls let Nigerian govt. Make him face d judgement…its no set-up!

  8. Trustworthy Reply

    The People that are pointing accusing fingers on northerners 4 killing their xtian brothers are the same people commiting the crimes and hiding under the banner of islam,using muslim names to paint islam and muslims black.no sentiments attached,even if he hasnt convert to islam you will say so to cover up the truth.whether northerners or southerners nigeria belong to all of us and we must,i say must salvage it together.God created us northerners and no one can wipe us out of the surface of the earth no matter how hard those heartless people try.may God expose all those(leaders) that have hand in this bloodshed.blood is thicker than water!

  9. Tink Reply

    U are sentimental, d bottomline is dat he converted to islam while in maiduguri, so he is living according to d ductrine

  10. HAIDAR KANO Reply

    May God have mercy on US

  11. nuhu Reply

    hmmm… Augustine effiong and again Abubakar Garba, what a drama? Anyway we shall know the truth.

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