Funke Akindele’s Wedding Plan Threatened, Fans Lambast Her Over Choice of Hubby

Funke Akindele and hubby According to what First Weekly Magazine reported, the wedding plans of Sultry Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele to Oshodi, Lagos big boy and property merchant, Alhaji Kehinde Oloyede Almaroof on May 26, 2012 is being threatened by controversies, First Weekly can reveal.

While the prominent actress is said to be making an elaborate plans for the wedding, sources have said that she has lost her rating as a well-loved Nollywood actress with her proposed engagement to a man, who is alleged to be one of the boys in Oshodi, Lagos before hitting it big in property business.

Moreover, Kenny Doo, as Almaroof is fondly called in his base in Oshodi, is said to be married to a beautiful lady called Detoun, who has a popular fabric shop in Oshodi and who has four kids for him. Our source told us that Al-Mahroof’s marriage to Detoun has always been crisis-ridden as the couple fight almost on a daily basis.

The source even told us that about two other women have children for Al-Mahroof.

“What do you expect; he is a big boy and ladies flock around him. I know that two other women have children for him apart from his wife that bore him four children,” the source said.

When we asked if the couple is still living together, the source answered in the affirmative, “yes, they are still married, but it’s not a sweet marriage. They fight every time.”

But one of Funke Akindele’s close friends said that Kenny Al-Mahroof is divorced.

“They started dating about a year ago and Funke did not meet any woman in his home. He told Funke that he was married before, but has divorced his wife.

“And, what is wrong in marrying a divorcee? As far as I’m concerned, Al-Mahroof is single because he is divorced. What we should do is pray for them and wish them the best,” Funke’s friend told us.

Meanwhile, findings revealed that Al-Mahroof is a rich young guy, who started making money for himself when his mother was the Iyaloja (market leader) of Oshodi. Kenny’s mum, Alhaja Al-Mahroof, according to sources, once reined as the second in command to Alhaja Abibat Mogaji, the Iyaloja General of Lagos and mother of ACN National Leader, Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Those in the know told First Weekly that Funke, nicknamed Jenifa, based on her role in her celebrated movie; ‘Jenifa,’ was not aware of the full marital status of Kenny Doo before she agreed to walk down the aisle with him, and that even after the truth was exposed, she has refused to change her stand.

Almaroof was said to have been parts of the boys, who used to forment trouble in Oshodi in those days, but has now climbed up the ladder with his success in property business.

The source said a fight later ensued between Alhaja Al-Mahroof and Alhaja Mogaji which made the former defect to the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State.

We learnt that was why Alhaja Al-Mahroof always sponsored his son, Kenny Al-Mahroof to contest elections in Oshodi under the banner of the PDP. Kenny contested the 2007, House of Representatives election to represent Oshodi-Isolo Federal Constituency under the PDP but lost.

He also served as the Personal Assistant to a former Minister of Works.

Kenny Doo, our sources revealed, now shuttles between Nigeria and London for his property business and lives in a modest mansion in Magodo area of Lagos.

It was gathered that another source of trouble for Funke is the fact that the Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), whose government has been supporting Funke Akindele’s movies through advert patronage and which uses her as a model for its programmes through the State Inland Revenue Board, may be angry at her choice of Almaroof, a PDP member, as husband.

Meanwhile, some of the fans of the successful actress have come hard on her for planning to settle down with another woman’s husband, and for picking a semi-literate as hubby, when she has a choice of getting a single man, who would match her academic qualification.

The dark-skinned diva was said to have bust into tears, when she was confronted by close associates, who condemned her for damning the consequences of her marriage to Almaroof, when she has several choices.

Her reason for weeping, we were told, is because she felt that she has waited enough and that now that she met someone who would take her as wife and make her happy, people do not seem to rejoice, but rather have chosen to condemn her.

Many of her critics wondered why on earth she would agree to be a second wife, they also asked why would Funke, with the level of her exposure and education as a University of Lagos law graduate, settle for a man, who is barely educated and who has four kids from another woman already.

They believe that Funke should have gone for a quiet and low key single man as husband.

  1. Olalekan Reply

    Please stop castigating Funke she has choosing her path let her tread the only thing expected of her fans is prayer to have a successfull marriage with her choice of man HAPPINESS is the most important the most KEY she should use this opportunity to change people’s notion that celebrities dont have settled nd happy home live your life funke

  2. Lanre Reply

    Sincerely, i dont know the problem of these girls, are there no young men around again, they devalue themselves and sell them selves cheap, melo lama ka leyin adepele- bukky wright, Merch johnson, Funke etc, hnmnmn anyway money matter, money na the KoKo

  3. amysha Reply

    carry go my dear dia is nothing u do in lyf dat pple dnt find faults in.u wil only mak mistakes if u listen to pple.He was a thug they said bt everyone has a past your happiness is wat matters nd plz kip prayin so enemies wuld nt laff at u at d end

  4. Edogun Osasumwen Reply

    they should leave funke alone wheather if the man has kids does not matter let her follow her follow heart

  5. Biodun Reply

    Don’t mend dem go 4 ur happiness

  6. Oyebola Reply

    Am indeed disappointed in funke, she can’t loudly say it dat she doesn’t have a young guy trailing her for marriage ,as a youth ambassador ,she’s a bunch of disgrace ….am short of words …

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