Nigeria: Why FG Can’t Solve Boko Haram Crisis – El-Rufai

Boko Haram Former Minister, Federal Capital Territory, Mr. Nasir el-Rufai, doubts the Federal Government’s ability to curb Boko Haram menace, saying its fight against the Islamic fundamentalists have been “unorganised and fruitless”.

El-Rufai stated this while delivering a lecture, ‘The Challenge of Internal Security and Implications for National Development,’ organised by the Obafemi Awolowo University Muslim Graduates’ Association on Saturday in Ile-Ife.

He regretted the wave of violence in parts of the country, blaming the political class for not empowering the youth.

He said, “It is now obvious that the more money the government throws at (solving) Boko Haram (menace), the more Boko Haram attacks.”

Attributing the sect’s insurgency to social and economic injustice, el-Rufai said provision of employment, education, hospitals and roads would help stop violence in the country.

He said, “The political class has distanced itself from the masses. There is mounting unemployment, rising poverty and social inequality.”

The former minister insisted that President Goodluck Jonathan lacked what it takes to solve the Boko Haram crisis.

According to him, Nigerians lack faith in the Jonathan administration because it has lied to them.

“A good government must not tell lies. The Federal Government has no such standards; it tells lies.”

He also condemned the FG’s recent attack on Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), who said the 2015 general election would be bloody if the Peoples Democratic Party rigs.

El-Rufai said, “Gen Buhari made a conditional statement. If they are planning a good election, why are they worried? The PDP must not rig the 2015 election. If the 2015 election is rigged, there will be unintended consequences.”

Advocating strong regional units, el-Rufai said each region should have its police and strong economic base.

He backed the Lagos State Government in its ongoing face-off with doctors in the state hospitals.

He said, “It is criminal and unethical for doctors to go on strike. It is only in Nigeria that doctors go on strike. I brought them (doctors) to their knees and they came to beg. They will beg Fashola next week.”

El-Rufai commended the budgets of Lagos and Edo States for targeting development, stressing that violence was relative in the South-West because of the proactive measures taken by governments of the region.

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    I dont know why some time we northerners dont want to accept truth is buhari a prophet or why are we trying to backing him with some unreasonable excuse? Buhari as a leader to be was not suport to be talking like that. All of us know that the bloody he was talking on is going to end up on us we civilians (cristians and muslims) where some cristians kill inocent muslims and vis-vaser as the 2011 that he was comparing the 2015 if it is rign Buhari say wrong and suport to correct his saying by saying IF 2015 ELECTION WAS RIGN THERE IS GOING TO BE BLOODY BETWEEN GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE OR CIVILIANS .

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