VIDEO/PHOTOS: Man Caught With Grenades At Ministerial Briefing In Abuja

Man Caught With Grenades

Man Caught With Grenades

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Nigerian Police on Monday arrested a suspected terrorist at the Radio House, Abuja, the venue of the month-long programme where ministers are showcasing their performance records.

According to security operatives, the suspect, who gave his name simply as John reportedly came to the Radio House with grenades and other ammunition as he tried to gain entrance.


The programme, which commenced on April 24, was organised to allow senior and junior ministers in the federal cabinet to highlight their achievements over the last one year as part of the celebrations of President Goodluck Jonathan’s one year in office.


Security operatives screening visitors to the building, which also houses the Federal Ministry of Information, the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Voice of Nigeria and Kapital FM, became suspicious of the bag the man was holding. On further scrutiny, they found a grenade and some rounds of ammunition.

The man said he was given the bag by a woman to deliver to someone in Abuja, and on getting to Abuja he discovered that the bag contained the explosive materials and that is why he brought it to Radio House to pass a message to the ‘woman’ so that she could ‘come and claim it’

The Chief Security Officer at Radio House, Mr James Akindele, told reporters that the suspect was arrested at the main entrance.

Akindele said: “This afternoon, our operatives arrested a man with rounds of 7.7 mm live ammunition and three 86 hand grenades, all concealed in a polythene bag and put in a black bag.

“We have not interrogated him, we just apprehended him. What we want to do now is to hand him over to the police for further investigation and then you will all get to know more about his case.”

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    a new face of boko harram

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    Boko haram in a grand style. See d guy face like cashew nut.

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    is john from north? Even if he is from north is he a muslim naw we are bigining to see the faces of bokoharam let see what hapens after his arrest

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    This is not an boko haram face he is media haram

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