Journalist Interrupts Ethiopian Prime Minister at G8 Summit (VIDEO Included)

Journalist Interrupts Ethiopian Prime Minister at G8 Summit. Journalist and activist Abebe Gellaw protest the presence of Meles Zenawi at the G8 summit in front of leaders and participants.
Abebe Gellaw interrupt the speech of Meles Zenawi by calling him he is a dictator and demand the release of Journalists political prisoners in Ethiopia. In the mean time Ethiopians who lives around Washington DC area gathered and protest the oppression by the Meles regime.

​Several hundred Ethiopian activists came from across the United States to protest meetings involving Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who has been in power since 1991. The United States is a major aid contributor to Ethiopia, whose leader has been accused of restricting freedoms, including those of the media.

Discussions with African leaders have focused on boosting outside agricultural investment, but one protester, Mohamed Abdo, warned against pouring any outside money into Ethiopia.

​​​​”They use this money to buy and to supress the people, not for the benefit of the people, so first of all we need to have a free election,” he said. “It should be supported by the people so that whatever kind of policy, it should be the people’s policy, it should not be a one person policy, that is our message.”

In case the video deosn’t show, view it HERE

Video by ESATTV

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