Bombings: JNI, CAN In War Of Words

The Jamma’tu Nasril Islam, JNI, and the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, yesterday traded words over the identity of bombers in the country.

JNI said it had heaved a sigh of relief following reports that some Christians were also involved in the various bomb attacks in the country, while CAN accused the Islamic body of playing to the gallary in its claim that it was against bombers in the country, pointing out that Muslims were re-baptising their members involved in bombings with Christian name to hoodwink Nigerians on the true position of things in the country.

The JNI Secretary General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, had said in a statement in Kaduna that it was glad that the alleged bomber arrested in Abuja for allegedly carrying three hand grenades and ammunition and another who was said to have confessed to being the brain behind the Bayero University Kano, BUK, bombings all bore Christian names.

“All thanks are due to Allah, the Most High for vindicating the JNI,” on the issue, Dr Aliyu stated.

But, spokesman for the President of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oristejiafor, Mr Kenny Ashaka, reacted to the JNI claims, saying the association was too desperate and hasty in covering up their members who are, “unremorseful, proud Islamic terrorists.”

Ashaka asked: “Is the JNI now saying that bombers arrested in Borno, Yobe, Kano, Jos, Kaduna are all Christians? JNI should stop deceiving itself and its followers, because we the Christians of Nigeria know that no Christian would do what Islamic terrorists are doing and posting gleefully on the internet.”

The JNI’s statement had stated: “JNI once again notes with bewilderment the usual ways serious security issues are treated at the expense of the state.

“All thanks are due to Allah, the Most High for vindicating the JNI, because sometimes in February 2012, we issued a statement, demanding explanations from the CAN President on why some Christians are arrested in Muslims attires/dresses, while attempting to bomb or commit act of terrorism.

Few of such were the cases of one Lydia Joseph, the failed bomber of St. John Catholic Cathedral, Bauchi. The man arrested in Bayelsa State was also in turban, like the Gombe case.”

“Again we were astonished to hear of one Augustine Effiong in connection with the BUK bomb attack.”

“Moreso , either Christians were arrested at the COCIN Church of Miyabarkatai, Bauchi State. It here suffixes to state in unequivocal terms that Christians are also involved in sophisticated terrorism in Nigeria.
“Once more, we demand explanation from the CAN President: why are Christians are disguising in Muslim dress as they carry out heinous crimes against the state.

He should stop chasing the shadows over what he calls, “the final call.
’’JNI reiterates that had Mr. John Alako Akpavan, the man arrested at the Radio House yesterday, were to be a Muslim; the story would have been different. But it is evidently manifest that hence, he is a Christian, then he is either insane, incapacitated… but if the suspected or arrested person was to be a Muslim, he is a terrorist, Boko Haram or fundamentalist.
’’Muslim leadership wishes to assure the government and the good people of Nigeria, that it is working seriously and ready to cooperate with whoever wants to work for a harmonious cooperate existence of the Nigerian federation.

’’It is our fervent wish that religious, political and traditional leaders at all levels should come together and salvage our dear nation from the shambles of corruption, greed, and maladministration. ‘’It is also hoped that provocative statements that are capable of overheating the polity will be avoided by all sundry,” the JNI stated.

CAN President reacts

However, the Spokesman to the CAN President, Mr Ashaka accused the JNI of “adding a new dimension to this crime against God and humanity,’’ saying that ‘’they are trying to give every Muslim caught in terrorism a Christian name. The public most be aware of this.said, “It is very sad and unfortunate…
“In the case of the man arrested in Abuja yesterday (Monday), the Spo


  1. snk Reply

    it is known to every 1 dat the current insecurities are all caused by christian,they are terrorist hidden under the shade of bokoharam. And that idiot CAN leader is the abu qaqa 2 and the abuqaqa 1 is goodluck ebele jonathan

    • ola s Reply

      snk,bilaminyu, mani. can anyone of you tell me one reason i should become a muslim. i enjoyed clapping and singing in the church. i feel happy when i see people who are happy bcos bible tells me that in the presence of God is the fullness of joy. should i become muslim bcos Allah (not God) say in surat bakara Ch 2V191 that there is a reward for those who sponsor jihad, for praying to god of the sun 5 times in a day. tell me why i should join a religion that provides stream of beer for me in heaven and 4 virgins only if i can kill others by succide. what a deception? i believe by now you have known the true religion of peace. please seek that peace with honesty.above all the only poeple that will enter Heaven are those who love their neighbors.

  2. snk Reply

    it is known to every 1 dat the current insecurities are all caused by christian,they are terrorist hidden under the shade of bokoharam. And that idiot CAN leader is the abu qaqa 2 and the abuqaqa 1 is goodluck ebele jonathan.

  3. Bilyamin Aminu Master Reply

    Excellent nsk,they thought we Muslims are illetrate to the extent that we wount be aware of the conspiracy planed to us by christains,this time arround,WE ARE BATLE READY!!!

    • christie Reply

      Battle ready! then u will die in the battle

  4. Success Reply

    It is a sorry case that the christians and the muslims who suppose to come together to pray for the peace of Nigeria are busy exchanging useless words which cause crisis. So shameful 2 see useless comment from 2 people who comment before me. Everybody knows dt ds is a secrete political fight, so why acting nd responding foolishly. Let us come together as 1 Nigerian and stop ds people and stop casting blame on christianity and Islam. But let people be mindful of their comment, not 2 say what will even add to d bad situation.

  5. Mani Reply

    That is right Bilyamin may Allah continue to expose them.

  6. christie Reply

    HMMMMMMMMM Nigeria look at what our leaders are discussind, instead of giving a solution to our problems. One thing I am confident about is that there is no way a christian will kill in all the name of fighting for God because our God is not incapacitated neither does he need men to defend him. Our God is holy and as true christians we recognise and acknowlege the santity of human life. U do not hear bombings in christian dorminated areas anywhere on planet earth. So JNI take heed

  7. Buzz4 Reply

    I really do understand wholeheartedly that muslem leaders and their evil tool boko haram are now lookin 4 who wll partner them 2 war and spill blood 4 their blood sucking Allah. bcos d Almighty God of Christians warns against murder in d commandment.

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