Woman Cuts Husband’s Manhood For Demanding Too Much Sex

Woman cuts husband's manhood for demanding too much sex A 28 year-old woman, Janet Uduak, has been dragged to a customary court in Lagos by her husband, Kolawole Richard, for using a kitchen knife to slice his manhood when he attempted to sleep with her.

Janet, a mother of one, allegedly carried out the act because her husband demanded for sex against her wish.

The incident, which happened at 19, Jagun Street, Okokomaiko, on the outskirts of Lagos, got Richard seriously injured, causing him to lose his ability to have erection.

Richard is asking the Ijanikin Customary Court to dissolve his marriage with Janet.

He alleged that Janet was violent and does not perform her matrimonial obligations, which include allowing him to have sex with her.

He told the court that he paid N50,000 bride price on Janet at her her village in Akwa Ibom State. He said despite marrying her legally, Janet never allows any sexual intimacy between them.

“There is usually trouble in the bedroom anytime I wanted to sleep with her,” he said.

Richard, a teacher, from Ondo State, told the court that he is no longer in love with her.

He tendered a photograph of his severed manhood before the court. He also asked the court to grant him the custody of their only daughter.

But the remorseful woman begged for forgiveness, promising that she will fulfil her obligations as a wife including allowing him to have sex any time he wanted.

But Richard insisted that the marriage should be dissolved.

The President of the court, Mr. S. K. Hussain, noted that the relationship has completely broken down.

He consequently dissolved the marriage and ordered Richard to pay Janet N26,000 as alimony

  1. Oyakhilome iribhua Reply

    after 50,000 has bride price,u are still denying d gently man is ritefull rite.this is wickeness in the highest order.ok,if u know u are not ready 4 too much sex as u said,why did u marry him?i am in support of d disolved marriage bcos she dose not worth it.

  2. Joshua napa Reply

    Wat is alimoly by d way? Dis is unfurtnate. Women may undestand dat wat de own nd they themselves belong 2 der husband. A most..b total submisive in every thing. As her husband d authority over her. Wat dis woman did is satanic. Is left for d husband 2 luk into d matter.

  3. santinopani Reply

    A woman that belongs to a man ? this, in Europe is called slavery, and is against the human rights.
    Is absurd that a man can buy a woman for N50,000 or any other sum of money.
    A marriage should be celebrated just after a true love, where money has nothing to deal with.
    So I completely agree with that woman for her behaviour.

  4. chinedum Reply

    that woman is a satan,the husband should not forgive her becos if she is given a second chance,she will cut off the manhood and take it to her villa for ritual

  5. santinopani Reply

    to Chinedum: that woman is not a satan, you and the people that thinks as you are satans, not her,and you deserve that.
    People are not slave, and you can’t force anybody to have sex. if she doesn’t want that, there should be a reason;if you husband are unable to understand that, you don’t have any brain.
    The most important thing in a marriage is a complicity of both the partners, not the action of just one.
    This is how it works in a civil society; your answer is really a demostration of brutality that is abusively used
    as tribal ritual, not her behaviour! her behaviour is pure defence against abuse.
    Defend the human rights, and respect people, as you want to be respected !!!

  6. Olajide Ayodele Reply

    Da woman she a real monster and she need a jail time.

  7. onyii Reply

    to santinopani,i am a married woman from nigeria. women are not bought the 50k(which is cheap) is just d bride price according to costume and this is our pride and value. the woman has no right to cut off her hubby’s manhood. if she dosent want sex she shld ve said so and it wasnt stated that she was being forced. i total agree for the marriage to be disolved, she has no bisness begin in that marriage. sex and marriage go together,u cant ve one without d other. she shld ve bin happy d husbby comes to her instead of going outside and afterwards bring diseases home. cheers.

  8. Halleluya Johnson Reply

    To santinopani; this is in human… I want you to know that this is a different place from yours……! Respect people tradition!! Men are always ahead of women!

  9. Akwesehor J. M Reply

    To snitopani, here in Nigeria paying bride price is customary.once this is done the man has FULL right over the woman,The woman is satanic. i support the dissolution of the marriage

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