Zimbabwe Man In Intensive Care Unit After Women Rapists’ Attack

Saying No to sexual abuse A Zimbabwean man is in the intensive care unit at a local hospital after he was allegedly attacked by a gang of three women rapists.

The man is believed to be the latest victim of sperm hunters who have attacked hitch hikers across the country.

According to the state owned Herald newspaper, the 25-year-old victim was kidnapped by an unidentified man and three women who held him hostage for two days.

It is alleged that the man was looking for transport from the eastern border city of Mutare last Wednesday.

He was offered a lift by the four, who were travelling in a Mercedes Benz car.

Police said the man suspect was driving the vehicle while the three women were on the back seat.

The driver stopped at a hotel along the highway and the women bought some drinks.

They allegedly handed one of the cans that had already been opened to the victim.

It is believed the drink was laced with an unknown drug and the man passed out after taking it.

Secluded place

When he regained consciousness, he discovered that he was in a dark room with his cell phone and $200 missing, the paper reported.

He was ordered to be intimate with one of the three women by the man suspect, but he refused.

Police say a pistol was produced and the man complied after he was given condoms.

He allegedly had sex with the three women and was released the following day and dumped at a secluded place.

The attackers allegedly secured the sperms from the used condoms.

Police said the man was admitted to a Mutare hospital and has been in the ICU since then.

For the past two years, stories of alleged women rapists, who target hitch hikers on the highways have dominated Zimbabwe’s media.

The victims include off duty soldiers and policemen and the women would sometimes allegedly rape the men at gunpoint.

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    Odd world. May God help us

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    Wat do dey do with d sperm? Ritual or artificial insemination? I nva kn dat women do rape men until today Oo! Ol i always hear is men rape dis,men rape dat! D world has come to an end.

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