Nigeria: NUPENG Threatens Strike Over Sacked Lagos Doctors

The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, on Friday threatened to embark on solidarity strike if the state government fails to recall the 788 sacked doctors.

NUPENG President, Igwe Achese said this at a press conference in Lagos, asking the Lagos state government to negotiate with the doctors on their demands with a view to arriving at a compromise.

“We call on both parties to go back to the negotiating table with maturity to resolve the conflicts,” he said.

“However, NUPENG will join forces with other well-meaning Nigerians to call the Lagos state government to order to recall the sacked doctors. If the issue persists unresolved by Monday next week, NUPENG may be forced to embark on a solidarity strike action until the sacked doctors are recalled to save the lives of Nigerians in Lagos,” Mr Achese said.

  1. Ozi-Ajayi Reply

    Iam highly disappointed in Fashola and his ACN chieftains. These are people criticising PDP at national level. Can you see that Nigerians are the same irrespective of their political affiliation. If it was Fashola‘s first tenure, would he have remained adarmant to doctor‘s demand? Definately No! Stupid and wicked politicians. You may think you have played over people‘s intelligence by deceiving them to vote you the second time but can you deceive Almighty Allaah? If you know you can‘t, Mr. Fashola fear HIM & think about the sick and the number of lives this strike has caused. On the other hand the doctors should re-consider their stand too because we are talking of human‘s life in this matter.

  2. Micah Reply

    I think Fashola’s government is just being insensitive. They don’t really care about the welfare of Lagosians, they are only interested in what they are making out of this government. I’ve known this a long time ago and I’ve not been proved wrong. Sometime ago, it was the issue of three toll gates on a stretch of less than 30miles. It’s amazing. This govt is lawless. They came out with tenancy law and yet they contravened by evicting the doctors with just three days notice. Fashola, we are watching.

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