Nigeria Will Never Disintegrate – Jonathan Vows

By SaharaReporters, New York

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan today boasted that Nigeria will never disintegrate; rather, he said, the country will triumph over terror.

Speaking at the 2012 Democracy Day Church Service in Abuja, Mr. Jonathan also stated that, if not for the professionalism of the Nigerian Armed Forces, “anything will happen” in the country.

President admitted that Nigeria is riddled with challenges, but assured Nigerians “that Nigeria will never disintegrate.” He added, “Our forefathers worked hard to bring us together as a nation. When people begin to reckon with Nigeria it is not because of the oil we produce. Some of us get deceived. Those who read so much about oil and the global oil will think that we have oil, but if you divide our oil per head, what do we have?

Nothing. The volume of oil we produce can’t be compared to what we have in the Middle-East. But whenever you talk about Nigeria people reckon with us because of the potentials we have and the size of the country. We have very few countries that have the kind of geography we have – from the Atlantic sea through the mangrove swamps, through the rain forest through the savannah, into the semi-desert areas.”

The president also spoke about the enchanting landscapes of Adamawa and Cross River states.

Mr. Jonathan vowed that Nigeria would survive the selfish interests of individuals and groups.

  1. dokun Reply

    I opened the url with the hope of seeing a summary of the plans to ensure that we don’t disintegrate. Thank God my hope on this great nation is built on nothing else than God…

  2. Ozi-Ajayi Reply

    Iam glad to hear this from our president. The patriot has spoken . I hope those who are agitating for the division of this country because their kinsman is in charge will not be disappointed with him. Mr. President sir, God is on your side, some people wanted to change your name from Goodluck to Badluck by thinking that this country will split during your tenure. God forbids. With this statement yours , they will start thinking, talking and acting positive towards ONENESS of this country. May Almighty Allaah give you the wisdom, knowledge & understanding to lead us & may HE disgrace those who are working against the progress of this country(whether BH or any other devilish thing). Long live NIGERIA my beloved country. I have hope because I know we shall get it right one day. Happy one year in office sir.

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