Charly Boy Threatens To Sue Over Gay And Illuminati Story

Charly boy has threatened to sue over a story about him being gay. Below is a tweet to that effect:

The story

The story has it that Charly boy declared in an interview with a new publication, Danfo Express, that he is gay and not ashamed of being gay.

It continues: Even as he made other disclosures about himself, he didn’t forget to add that he is the head of the Illuminati in Nigeria, the same Illuminati that people accuse Jay-Z, D’Banj and Don Jazzy of being members and they keep deny-ing membership. While his audacious revelations might seem like a publicity stunt on his part, let’s not forget the saying ‘there’s no smoke with-out fire.’ For CB to say all these things about himself there must be an element of truth in them.

As a judge on Nigerian Idol, not only did he impose himself on the other judges, Yinka Da-vies and the American, Jeffrey Daniels, he was always going with a human skull to the show and once even went with a huge snake that scared the audience.

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