Nigeria: Why Jonathan Didn’t Say Amen To Anti-corruption Prayer – Abati

By Leadership Newspaper (this story is a satire)

Spokesperson to President Jonathan Ebele Goodluck, Mr Reuben Abati, has responded to accusations that Jonathan and members of his cabal refused to say amen to at this weekend’s democracy day Church Service when the preacher offered a prayerful curse against corruption amongst public officials.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Abati revealed aspects of protocol that are not widely known outside Government circles, and which would explain why Mr President and ministers didn’t say Amen to the prayer by Most Reverend Peter Akinola, committing corrupt politicians to the court of God.

According to him, it is a long standing presidential protocol that during Church or Mosque services, the President only offers a fixed number of “Amen” or “Amin”, as the case may be.

The Reverend had offered many prayers and demanded many “Amens” prior to the contentious one, Abati explained, the result of which was that the day’s quota of “Amens” had been used up.

“Why?” asked the spokesperson, “would President not say amen to a prayer against corruption?”

He advised preachers, pastors, Imams etc, to familiarise themselves with government protocol and to also limit the length of their prayers and sermons.

“It is the same people accusing the President of not saying amen to anti-corruption prayer that would be accusing him of favouritism if he had broken with protocol and said more “Amens” than is allowed by constitution,” Abati said.

Source: Leadership


  1. ogunmola.e Reply

    Jonathan is a failure, Abati is a liar. may God punish all the corrupt officials. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Ovuoma Reply

    This is ridiculus! Exhausted the number of Amen for the day? I’ve never heard of this before.

  3. ifeanyi Reply

    in God case no appeal,amin or no amin.their will no peace for the wickeds,sela

  4. afolayan akintunde Reply

    Dr. Reuben Abatti was known to b a reasonable man of integrity. But unfortunately has turned to b a man of dishonour becus of what he wants to eat. Sir,could u tell us why in the Nigeria Constitution it’s written the said Protocol?

  5. Haruna birniwa ibraheem Reply

    Guilty is alwys afraid.

  6. Jegede Reply

    Don’t mind Abati,he has forgotting dat u can’t eat ur cake a hv it back,jonathan cannot say amen bcos he has partake in d forbideen fruits dat silent men

  7. Suraju A. Reply

    Pres. badluck jonathan know what prevented him from saying amen to dat prayer,cos it is course against him.abati alapa is hiding GEJ behind needle.



  9. solomon Reply

    I just read and commented on Mr. Presidents decocracy day speech. If the president is a believer his amen should never expire. In fact whether he says amen or not He is not more than GOD. GOD will definitely judge all currupt leaders or not whether his he has used up his allocation of Amen or not. Abati even you must collect your sallary even you know that what you are saying is not true. I know you too have your own qota of Amen you say too. Just be careful and say the truth that GEJ and his team for the first time have a conscience and they know that the prayer will be against them God will hear us. Corruption must die. Let God be the righteous judge and let all men be liars and hater of righteousness.

  10. Roland Reply

    they are the thieves…why say amen to prayers not favourable to them????Nigeria needs to know God…Just like Isreal…Even the US dollar has d insciption “IN GOD WE TRUST”…. How can a mere mortal have a limited number of Amens to prayers because he is a president of no value???Thats what he really is and he should know that the God that put him der will surely extinct him soon….What a disgrace in a man called Goodluck Jonathan…Its a shame to Nigerians that this great nation is been ruled by a RAM of his kind.

  11. Aminu Danmallam Reply

    Jonathan, Abati and others. Note that court of God is not court of Nigeria never try God with this your protocol process. Hhmn hahaha wayoo in presence of God…

  12. dayo Reply

    Its a satire, peeps!

  13. WILLIAMS Reply

    Which section of the constitution is Abati referring to?Why would the Amen/Amin be exhausted when it was time to say so when it was prayers against corruption?If the preacher had for the leaders or for the president mother, would the protocol have been exhausted?

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