UPDATED: UNILAG Students Protest Naming Of Varsity After Abiola

Massive protest in UNILAG over naming of varsity after Abiola

UPDATE 17: The protesting crowd is gradually dispersing as many students begin to make their way back to their hostels. A law student who addressed the protesters a short while ago suggested they protest daily till the president rescinds his decison and restore the school’s original name.

UPDATE 16: Banks within the UniLag (MAUL) Akoka campus have shot their gates for fear the protest might escalate.

UPDATE 15: Minor Accident! A security kiosk used by some students as platform collapsed under them. Fellow students cheered the collapse. No one was injured.

UPDATE 14: Some students protested up to Ikorodu road, while majority remained at the school gate. The students who protested to Ikorodu road are making their way back to school gate but the police have already occupied a section of the road back to the school gate. The police now between the two student groups.

UPDATE 13: Police officers now sandwiched by students. But they are keeping their cool so far. The protest is still progressing peacefully.

UPDATE 12: Police arrive the protest arena, in large numbers, but keeping a reasonable distance from the protesters. Students are not moved by their presence. No action from the police yet.

UPDATE 11: Stretch of road leading to the university gate from Yaba Junction now “occupied” by protesting students. “Occupy UniLag” logo goes viral in social media.

UPDATE 10: The arrested student was fighting with a member of the Nigerian Legion who is a guard on of the school’s hostels. University security said the guard was drunk and has been arrested too. The guard is handcuffed to a burglary proof.

UPDATE 9: The university security have arrested a protesting student. He is taken into custody. The security officials are ‘beating’ the arrested student in the custody room.

UPDATE 8: The protest has been peaceful so far. Apart from UniLag security officers, dressed in blue, the police is yet to arrive the protest arena. The school’s Chief Security Officer was spotted at the begining of the protest.

UPDATE 7: The protest at UniLag gate grows bigger as a detatchment of students who went to protest at the E-Centre Yaba retunrs to the gate protest arena with hundreds of Medical students, dressed in their lab suits, from Idiaraba.

: Protesting University of Lagos students are on onward march towards Akoko area. Students from the College of Medicine Idiaraba just joined the protest. The medical students came in chnating “No MediMAU”

UPDATE 5: Faculty Association leaders are persuading fellow students to go back into the campus. The persuations seems inefective at the moment. Students are still gathered at the protest ground near the school’s entrance gate. Both students and lecturers are protesting the name change.

A lecturer told our reporter that some of them teach “for the name.”

UPDATE 4: “We have always doubted the intelligence of this government and this has confirmed it. This is sensless. Unilag was establish by an act of parliarment. We will go to court.” Says chairman ASUU Unilag, Oghenekaro Ogbinaka

UPDATE 3: Acting VC of University of Lagos in company of the school’s registrar are standing on a Danfo bus, begging students who have blocked the school’s entrance gate to go back to their hostels. They students respond “ese, ese o, ese o, e wa ma lo” meaning, Thank you, you can now leave.

UPDATE 2: Officials are begging students to go back to campus saying, “We are with you.” Students shouted “NO”.

The university’s Director of Student Affairs, Professor Olukayode Amund, is begging the students and calling for caution.

He told our reporter, “We were all taken aback. There was no due consultation and they said this is a democracy.”

A student, Bolanle Ajayi, said, “Change of name is the least of our problems. Besides, there is MAPOLY, already named after Abiola.

UPDATE 1: The students are now outside the university main gate creating a human blockade to all vehicles trying to access the school. They are chanting, “We no want.”

Vehicles are turning back as the students insist the acting vice chancellor must address them.


Reports reaching of us indicate that thousands of students of the University of Lagos are protesting the change of name of the school announced this morning by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The students are chanting anti-government slogans, saying the president’s decision is the worst he had ever taken. They vowed to resist the renaming of the institution.

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  1. Peter Reply

    Clueless jonathan. Just keeps missing it. Anyways its part of his 1 year in office achievements. Hahahahahaha!

  2. Larry Reply

    Now, I say this is unacceptable.. what has changing the name of UNILAG got to do with honoring MKO and what he died for? What did he die for in the first place, GEJ is not doing anything about making life better for the average Nigerians but changing the brand name of a University that had been built in the last 50 years without due consultation. Stop fooling yourself Mr President and do what is more honorable to immortalize the dead hero of Nigeria.

    This is meant to be democracy and not some dictatorship era. Let us be objective here, renaming UNILAG cannot buy anyone over, in fact, it disgusts me that anyone would advise the President to do so in the so-called name of honoring.

    No to renaming of UNILAG to MAU, it is inappropriate and unconstitutional. He should stop acting like there are no more important things to worry about. He mentioned that we will create an environment that will be able to COPE with the current security issues, we hear absurdity coming out from the seat of power daily.. please, let us wake up and stand for what is right.


  3. Christopher Ayeni Reply

    Mr Goodluck lacks proper consultation,he is always found of taken unnecessary decision.who is this man with fishery knowledge.may God deliver Nigerians from this misrule elements.

  4. chukwuemeka Reply

    Is this needed. UNILAG is a world class name all the world with great products effecting lives all over the world. What is his place to be named after the school. Well the president has spoken but this seems to be one of the things he will live to regrat.

  5. bintex Reply

    That is too bad from Mr. President.

  6. Dr. Goga Reply

    if na we talkam person go say na because we be northerners…but now that you started to see em special nonsens acts and u na dey confess?

  7. shinaolaariyo Reply

    we regret to vote mr goodluck as our president in this nation,there is so many problem in nigeria to solve as he promise us to do when he was elected now to him he has foolus and abandon us, what he think is next now is to rename unilag to mau.this is unfair. nigerian are regreting why do we vote infirstplace why!why!why!

  8. Ozi-Ajayi Reply

    Lagosians, why are you protesting against one of the FRESH AIR(s). You had the opportunity of changing things in this country but you sold your vote to ethnicity & religion thru Tinubu. You can‘t eat your cake and have it back .It very wrong to make a ridge or mould and scatter it after a short while. Look before you leap is the wise saying, but most of you decided to leap before looking. GMB can nt make this kind of mistake. Have you seen who is a dictator? He unilaterally did it without consultation. I hope una still remember the January fuel subsidy FRESH AIR. Expect another FRESH AIR on 1st JUNE. Shine you eyes against false FRESH AIR in 2015.

  9. Ahmed Rasheed Reply

    MKO, Abiola deserve d honour.

  10. toye Reply

    i think our leader(s) missed this time, Abiola die 4 democracy hence places like nation assembly,aso rock,federal sec. should be named after mko n not an education institute, even if they want 2 rename dat place, it should be after d late v.c, Jonathan, pls change. i don talk my own!

  11. Chiboy Reply

    Hv we lost our minds? All ths while students didn’t protest govt poor investment in education sector, jst becos they changed d name of d univesity, u all come out 2 protest w’out even thnking. Hw does change of school name affect d non- investment in welfare in d past 13 yrs? Hv we bn bewitchd 2 only fight irrelevant battles?
    Where were they all ths while dat gvt hv bn doing d nation grt diservice?
    U just hv 4yrs 2 stay in a university and regardles of d name it bears, if ur welfare is ignored, dat i thnk, is a greater punishment dan changing d name.

  12. Olaitan Okedeji Reply

    Unilag to MAU,What’s the big deal? In the beginning,Amadu Bello got a university,Awo got one also through name change,next Zik got his and other lesser heros,e.g Ambrose Alli,Ivan Ikoku,Michael Ajasin,Aminu Kano e.t.c got one institution or the other,yet heaven did not fall. Believe it or not,UI,the foremost university is just marking time,it will get its own new name sooner or later. It is in our character,is it not? Having said that,in view of MKO’s national struggle,contributions and sacrifice he actually deserves something more national,like University of Abuja,Aso Rock villa,The House of Assembly or Abuja Stadium. Unilag is actually beneath MKO’s giant statue,not because Unilag is inferior but because it is not central or politically balanced enough a choice. Sadly and as usual ‘Un’Lucky Jonathan is just not an original thinker and is also too weak and malleable for the political opportunists that control him. When I witness inept decisions or indecisions,clueless actions or inactions like this I am very relieved that I did not vote out of foolishness or sentiment. Akokites sorry o,when it happened to my aluminus Great Ife,I was very sad too but took heart,because I owe so much to Awo,and we all owe so much to MKO too.

  13. Emmanuel Reply

    With the in-proactive nature of Mr. President on critical issues bordering on the citizenry especially security & Power that One don’t know whether He is about to increase tariff for darkness consumption. He is more concerned with petty issues,buying political minds that are made up by renaming ONE of Nigeria’s GREAT citadel learning. This is the pinnacle & has just demonstrated he never programme,vision & the masses at heart. Please gather all you can loot this tenure because we know you better than you know yourself Mr. GLJ

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