Police Circulate Kenya Blast Suspect Photo

Kenya Blast Police have circulated a photograph of a suspect they believe was behind Monday’s blast in Nairobi that left 33 people injured.

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said the man Emrah Erdogan is believed to have entered Kenya from Somalia on May 3 and appealed to the public to volunteer information.

“Any person with information on this person should provide the same to the nearest police station. He is believed to be either a citizen of Germany or Turkey and traveling on fake or forged papers,” he said.

Mr Kiraithe said police had established that the lunch-hour explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device “planted in the building by criminal elements”.

“The investigating team is now working to establish the identity of the perpetrators of this serious crime. In this respect, the team is zeroing on two male suspects whose profile they are piecing together,” he said.

He said the detectives had recovered several materials from the scene for forensic analysis.

The blast, which occurred at about 1.15pm (GMT +3) ripped off a section of the roof and shattered glass windows, though the front glass facade of the adjacent Mount Kenya University (MKU) building was unaffected.

Via Africa Review

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