UNILAG Shut Down, Students Sent Packing From Campus

UNILAG shut down UPDATE 2: UNILAG students are resisting the closure of their university. Hundreds of them are gathered in front of the institution’s Senate building, protesting the suspension of academic activities and vowing not to vacate the campus. Some students have even barricaded the university’s main gate, sending back their colleagues who made to obey the closure order.

UPDATE 1: The Federal Government has ordered the suspension of academic activities at UNILAG as students poured into the streets to protest the renaming of the institution.

UNILAG FM announced a while ago that all academic activities have been suspended for two weeks. Our reporter says students are already being sent home. They are to vacate their hostels by 11 a.m.

The students had earlier today barricaded the Third Mainland Bridge, which links the city’s mainland to Lagos Island, in protest against name change.

UNILAG shut down

Culled: Premium Times

  1. Moses jiji Reply

    Why in the name of God will versity close when exam is at hand pls the govt should do some thing about it b4 it go out of hand o

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