Childless Marriage On The Brink As Wife Gets Impregnated By Ex

Marriage A marriage of six years is on the brink of collapse after a city man discovered communication suggesting that his wife might have been impregnated by her ex-boyfriend. Heartbroken Trust Mutengiwa has surrendered his wife Prisca Gomba to her ex-boyfriend Umali Maduka. The Maduka family stays at St Alberts Mission in Muzarabani.

“I have been married to Prisca for the past six years and in our marriage we did not manage to have a baby of our own. I had no problem with that because what was more important to me was having my wife because I really loved her. A month ago, she (Prisca) then told me that she was pregnant, I was so happy when she broke the news,” said Trust.

Acting on a tip-off from Prisca’s friend, Trust went through his wife’s cell phone and found text messages wherein his wife was informing her Umali that she was pregnant by him. The message authored by Prisca and sent to Umali’s phone read: “Machawa makaoma handichayendi kumwedzi (You are bad! I have missed my menstrual period)”.

Umali responded: “Handizivi kuti ndodini nekure kwauri zvirinani ndongokutizisa zvangu handidi kuti ushungurudzwe bye my sweetie (I might have you elope because of the long distance between us. I don’t want you to be troubled)”.

Umali admitted that he sent the messages. “She is my ex-girlfriend, we grew up in the same area and I did not know she had a husband. I was actually shocked to see her husband for the first time yesterday. We are good friends and she sent a text asking for bananas from the village so when I replied her, the message was not meant for her. I sent the messages by mistake,” he said.

In another interview Prisca denied having an affair with Umali. She said Umali was her ex-boyfriend and there was no longer any relationship between them.

“We once dated some couple of years ago so he is my ex. I have not been cheating on my husband. The baby that I am carrying is my husband’s. I will not stay at Umali’s house. As for the messages, I am not the one who sent them,” said Prisca who however failed to explain why her mobile number reflected on Umali’s phone.

Trust went on to say that he was finding it hard to let go of his wife but had no other choice.
“It is not easy to part ways with a woman whom I have been staying with for six years but I have to do it because it is the best thing to do. It seems as if I was disturbing them so its better I leave them alone,” he said.

Trust also said that from the intelligence he gathered, it was revealed that Prisca and Umali would meet and use Prisca’s sister’s house as the playground for their ‘sausage in, sausage out’ game.

“Her sisters are the ones who initiated all this. I don’t even know why they are supporting such acts. I was reliably informed that Umali and my wife have been using my wife’s sister’s house as their love nest,” he said. newsdzezimbabwe..

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