Man In Court Over Masturbation

Justice ANGRY neighbours of a man who masturbates “louder than an animal” have failed in their attempt to get him evicted.

Residents of an apartment block in Malmo, Sweden, complained about the man last August – saying they could hear him pleasuring himself loudly night and day.

One neighbour wrote in the complaint: “He moans louder than an animal… I can feel how it affects my state of mind.”

But the Malmo County Administrative Board argued the noise levels didn’t go high enough to pose a danger to the health of nearby residents.

In their report to the administration the neighbours described how the man “masturbates and screams”.

But local official Nicolas Strömbäck said: “This sort of thing needs to be solved among the residents.

“It has to be very disruptive for us as a public authority to get involved and decide how someone should behave in their own home.”

Strömbäck continued that they would need proof of the man’s high volume masturbation to take action.

Susanna Skogsberg – an attorney with the Swedish Tenants’ Association – explained that complaints about noises made by neighbours having sex are quite common in Sweden.

She said: “I usually tell people that they should talk to their neighbours themselves. But that may not have worked in this particular case.”

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