Son On The Run After ‘Getting His Own Mother Pregnant For The Second Time’

Getting His Own Mother Pregnant A man is on the run in Zimbabwe after allegedly making his own mother pregnant for the second time.

Simon Matsvara and his mother Ethel Vhangare fled their home in Pote Village, Mashonaland Central province when members of their church group discovered she was expecting another child.

Just four years ago the pair, whose ages are unknown, were fined by village elders after Mrs Vhangare suffered a miscarriage.

Village chief Chinamhora said the community had been outraged by the claims and he has dispatched aids to hunt the mother and son down.

He told the state-owned Herald newspaper: ‘We are going to hunt for the two and we will punish them severely to send a clear message to would-be offenders that we do not tolerate such acts.’

Village sources claimed the pair started their incestuous relationship in 2008 after relatives assigned him to help care for his father Agripah, who had suffered a stroke. Agripah later died.

When details of the first pregnancy emerged, the family was fined by village elders and ordered to break off the relationship.

Mrs Vhangara’s new pregnancy became obvious to the community after she started skipping church.

Neighbours visited her home to check she was not sick and allegedly discovered she was five months pregnant.

The incestuous couple then fled their home, fearing they could be targeted by the community.

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  1. Tajuddeen Bichi Reply

    Oh dix ix a bulshit, fuck d mother and boy!

  2. Ozi-Ajayi Reply

    Incredible! This is abomination of the highest order.

  3. Udeogalanya obyno Reply

    DIS is prepostorous

  4. Prudence Okoye Reply

    Dis is disgusting!-dey’re both insane.
    D mother and d son needs a serious deliverance. A spiritual battle ought to be carried out cos dis is beyond human reasoning.

  5. Chinenye Okafor Reply

    dis is ridiculous.

  6. Adeniran Aderonke Reply

    The bible said it, that in the last days many unbelievable things will b happenin.

  7. Olufisayo Ogunwale Reply

    Very very unafrican! infact inhuman! Wonders shall never end.

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