Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Strikes Police HQ In Maiduguri

UPDATE: At least ten people were killed and over a dozen injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Borno state Police commnad headquarters in Maiduguri, as earlier reported today by SaharaReporters.

Hours earlier, a suspected bomber died when an explosive went off prematurely in another part of the city, prompting the Nigerian Red Cross to warn that conditions in the city were getting worse.

Earlier report: A suicide bomber struck the police headquarters in Maiduguri around mid day today. Eyewitness told Saharareporters that the attacker drove a car bomb directly into the headquarters, sources said the car exploded at the gate of the Borno State police command on Damaturu road directly opposite Govt Secondary school in Maiduguri.

The car was unable to gain access into the premises because of the protective security bar at the gate and the car exploded there killing the bomber and two policemen, according to eyewitnesses.

The police have cordoned off all access routes to the headquarters, creating a massive traffic jam within the city. Traders have halted business activities, and residents have fled to take refuge in their various houses in the ensuing tension that followed the attack.

  1. Paulinus Arigu Auta Reply

    Its unfortunate. The security agencies need to be very much at alert.

  2. Otsumah brenda Reply

    Father, arise n put an end to boko harms .IJM.

  3. Abbas safiyanu Reply

    Allah yabawa iyalam wadda suka rasu hakuri

  4. Odumu Daniel Reply

    Its only God that can save this country from the enemies of progress. The Government has issued so many threats but no action. Why would the people not continue to do what they have been doing and going free? But one basic fact is that, the judgment of God is coming very soon. I sympathize with all the affected and thier families,. May God comfort them all.

  5. auwal yahya Reply

    allah ya kyauta

  6. ogunplanet Reply

    all hail the mighty boko haram, pls stop killing innocent souls. if you enraged over the style of governance. go and bomb Aso rock or National Assemly which you cannot. you need to stop this cowardice attitude of killing poor masses. you ignorant bastard who has been brainwashed to be commiting atrocity in the name of religion you dont understand. may God deliver you from ignorance.

  7. Felett Reply

    O my God, is tragic bt God wil see us 2ru. Pls lets kep prayin

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