“Forget About Dual Citizenship” – Zambian President Sata

Dual Citizenship Zambian President Michael Sata has told Zambians in London to forget about dual citizenship. He said amending the law to allow dual citizenship had its consequences, according to PF controlled ZNBC.

Sata says if the law is changed, there will be more Zambians and jobs will be taken away by other nationalities living in the country.

Responding to a question from a Zambian living in England during a dinner hosted for him at the Zambian High Commissioner’s residence, he advised Zambians living abroad to return home and compete for jobs with their compatriots.

Sata also said he has a duty to protect the majority of Zambians especially poor citizens.

Sata’s comments have been followed by criticism by most Zambians, saying its illogical and stupid:

“Sata will never say something sensible as long as he says it from his own disorganised brain. The only time he says sensible things is when a speech has been done for him just to read. Sometimes even reading a speech is an issue.So who recommended Sata to Zambians as a suitable person for presidency? For the first time, Zambians have regretted their choice of a president,” said one Zambian on Zambian Watchdog.

Another said : “Useless Sata needs to understand that dual citizenship is mostly about Zambians acquiring citizenship in other countries but still remain Zambian and not the other way around,” said one Zambian on Zambian Watchdog.

Yet another: “Is Sata consistent about anything ? I think this law would only apply to persons who are already in Zambia, have lived in the country for a long time, are relatively affluent and already have jobs. I am sure there will be a qualifying period where one would have demonstrated commitment to the country through investment etc. These really don’t sound like people who would take jobs away from Zambians. On the contrary, I think giving these people the security of being citizens would give them the confidence to invest more which in turn would create jobs. Sata is totally incapable of thinking.”

Yet another blasted Sata : “For all of you who support what this idiot has said: which jobs is he talking about. Companies have been closing and many have stopped employing because of his non-existent policies. WHICH JOBS IS HE PROTECTING FROM FOREIGNERS? I always knew Sata was dull and illiterate, but the levels of dullness he is revealing about himself now are quite worrying. This law is not for him…he doesn’t have many years on earth anyway. This law is for our children and their children. The earlier he goes the better for this country. 2016 is too far. The country is in the hands of a sick man.”

Stanley Kaputula said ; “How can a person who has a job in London paid in pounds with a meaningful minimun wage, staying in a clean enviroNment come back home to join the death row of unemployment or probably be the 12th on the list.”

“Please Lord, have mercy on Zambia once again and grant our President wisdom in the running of the affairs of the State. Please Lord save this man from this illogical thought process.”

PowerH said: “Oh my God! Sata thinks dual nationality is about foreigners becoming Zambians. Can someone explain to the President what it really means. I feel sad that many Zambians have also been misled by Sata what dual nationality means.”

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