El-Rufai Insulted Igbo Race – Obi

Igbo Race Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State on Saturday said he had laid a proper foundation for the solid growth of the state from a near zero situation when he assumed office six years ago.

Obi who spoke at an interactive session with newsmen in Awka was reacting to issues raised by former FCT Minister El-Rufai in a national newspaper (not SUNDAY PUNCH) concerning governance in Anambra.

El Rufai reportedly said Anambra was the poorest state in the country, that it was educationally backward, lacked priorities and suffered from poor infrastructural development.

But Obi said, only those who had not been to the state, and who had poor knowledge of the state’s recent history could say so.

He said, “I am surprised that somebody I am not sure has been to Anambra State even as a minister comments about the state from the point of view of what I consider as pure, unadulterated ignorance.

“It is an insult to the Igbo race to openly or even remotely suggest that any part of Igbo land is the poorest in the country. This negates our resourcefulness and ingenuity as a people.

“Honestly, I do not know what propels him or what interest he is protecting. We need people to help to assess and validate what we’re doing. We’re on course and we’re doing the right things.”

The governor said his state had the best road network in the country, while the education and health sectors receive unparalleled development.

“The handover of schools to their former missionary owners and the take-off grant of N6bn for their infrastructural development is a feat that was replicated in the health sector with handover of hospitals to mission schools.

“On sports development, the state’s fortunes have been witnessing a steady rise in recent years at sports festivals due to government’s conscious sports development strategy aimed at spotting and grooming young talents to stardom.

“Our emphasis is on the youth not on adults and we’re marching towards a situation where the state will recapture its lost glory,” he said.

  1. Ibrahim Reply

    Obi? Is because he said his mind onthe level of development your state has suffered, with regards to the huge amount of money your state got from federal govt. Not to talk of revenue generated, Which does not commensurate with the work you executed inthe state; that is why you generalised his statement to the entire igbo community?. Pls as a leader anything you said is an authority, don‘t propagate sentiment, ethnicity or sectionalism.

  2. Emmanuel Reply

    What he said ur Excellency is RIGHT. Your state is far from infrastructural development. Imagine coming in from Asaba in Delta state @ least u find good road with drainage & street lights. After d Niger bridge is the opposite. Very very dirty environment. Anambra as a state also her indigenes accounts 4 @ least 23% of the drivers of this Nation’s commerce industry. Ur Excellency U need 2 do more @ least on environmental sanitation

  3. kingsley Reply

    el rufai is saying the truth. though not on education. peter obi needs to do more

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