Full Time: Zambia 1 – Ghana 0

Zambia 1 - Ghana 0 Ndola is the place to be now. The fans have gone bananas. A historic win for the Copper Bullets. For the second time in 2012, the Zambians have had the better hand over the Black Stars. Ghana has to return to the drawing board, do their home work and bounce back.

Surely not all is lost. Thank you all for joining, enjoy the rest of your day!

90+4 Once again a Ghanaian player is brought down but the foul goes against him, so unfair. Mweene takes the resultant free kick that would prove to be the last kick of the game. It is all over, Zambia 1 Ghana 0.

90:00 4 minutes of added time added on. The Black Stars need a go, and they need it now. Ghana attacks down the left flank but gains a corner kick. But the chance is wasted. Ghana has lost this game, it is now certain.

88:00 A sloppy defense from the Zambians and the Black Stars just can’t burry the ball in the net. Atsu’s shot was handled by Shinzo but it seems the referee who was so close did not want to see that. Africa football!

86:00 Black Stars are piling pressure on the Zambians but the defense is still resolute. The Zambians waste a golden opportunity with the goal post only staring. Ghana is truly riding on their luck. Less than five minutes to play. Zambia 1 Ghana 0

82:00 Ayew wins a throw next to the corner flag but that is wasted. The Chipolopolos appear comfortable on the ball. The Stars will counter attack but still no success. Ghana is on course to losing this game with less than ten minutes remaining.

78:00 Third and final substitution for the Black Stars; it is Muntari who comes off for Richard Mpong. I must confess all the fouls seems to be going against Ghana, some very questionable. The Black Stars win a throw kick which was effected quickly but a feeble shot from Atsu goes beyond the line for a goal kick.

74:00 The Black Stars are now matching the Zambians boot-for-boot yet no clear cut chances except for some ambitious long range shots from Ayew and Badu. The latter who just shot wide from inside the penalty box. That should have been the equalizer. Back to square one!

70:00 Atsu goes down on the edge of the penalty box but the referee books him in the process. Unbelievable! At this moment some questionable officiating by the man in the middle. Ghana nonetheless have position but nothing comes from it at the end.

67:00 A wonder ball played across the goal of Black Stars but there was no one to connect. Chris Kantongo holds his head, he knew he should have done better. And Ghana is left off the hook once again. Mayuka is sacrificed by Coach Renard Herve.

64:00 That was a very sluggish ball control from Muntari. He lost the ball in the midfield but the resultant counter attack from the Chipolopolos goes nowhere. Annan comes on for Derek Boateng.

60:00 Atsu gives away the ball rather cheaply. Possession is quickly regained but the Stars’ attack is foiled as Ndmonde is brought down in his own 18 yard. The defender is stretchered off the pitch. Ghana has a temporary numerical advantage now.

57:00 Free kick for Ghana effected by Muntari but the ball is headed clear from the danger zone. Zambians get a corner, took it a short one but Ngele is brought down at the edge of the penalty box. The free kick is wasted.

54:00 A shot from Agyemang is blocked. He tries another but it goes wayward. It was worth the try though. First substitution for the Black Stars, Christian Atsu comes on for Kwadwo Asamoah. The Udinese man has been quiet today.

52:00 The goal scorer is brought down, referee signals for a foul to attend to the Zambian captain. The tempo of the Zambians has slowed down. Throwing for Zambians inside Ghana’s half but the ball is ballooned into the half of the Copper Bullets.

48:00 Black Stars are now playing with a sense of urgency, keeping possession for a much longer time. Derek Boateng, Sulley Muntari are now attacking the Zambians.

46:00 Good Start from the Black Stars with awonderful interplay. Adiyiah’s feeble shot won’t worry Mweene in post for Zambia.

The referee’s whistle goes for the end of the first half. A plucky performance far opposite from what we saw against Lesotho. Kwasi Appiah would be the most worried man on earth. He has 45 minutes to put Ghana on track to Rio de Janeiro in 2014.

He has to do something. But the Zambians too deserve the plaudits. They have been very sharp today, but not too clinical. Join us for the second half in the next ten minutes!

45+2 Ghana gives away the ball very easily and the Zambians attacked but they could not go beyond a rock solid Vorsah who thwarts the opportunity for a throw kick close to the corner flag of Ghana.

44:00 Well, Kwasi Appiah must vary his tactics. The long balls are not helping the Stars, they are always second to ball. A very poor performance from the Stars and great performance from Zambians.

41:00 That has been the story of the day. A blunt Black Stars up against a sharp Copper Bullet. Ghana is still lucky to be done by a goal. It could have been two or more.

38:00 Free Kick for Ghana but Muntari’s cross could not find any Ghanaian. The ball is headed away. That was a rare opportunity for the Black Stars. Meanwhile John Boye is on the pitch receiving treatment from the paramedics.

36:00 Throw in deep in Ghana’s half to the hosts. But the ball rolls of the line for a goal kick. Still a nervy game for the Black Stars. The defence of this Black Stars set-up look very vulnerable. A shot from Mayuka inside Ghana’s 18 yard just missed the target.

32:00 Kwadwo Asamoah with a long searching for Jordan Ayew, but the ball went way above him. Ghana, as I mentioned earlier, on is yet to create decent chances. Meanwhile shoddy defence from the Black Stars again. But that curler won’t trouble Adam Kwarasey.

28:00 The Chipolopolos are playing deep in Ghana’s half. The man who got the killer goal against Ghana in Malabo, Mayuka is at the thick of affairs, orchestrating all

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