Malawi Opens Debate On Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship Malawi government has opened the debate and consultations on the possibility for the country to allow dual citizenship, President Joyce Banda said on Thursday in London.

The President tackled the issue when she was answering questions after her address to Chatham House, an independent international affairs think-tank based in London.
Banda addressed the gathering which included Malawians in Diaspora on a speech which was titled ‘Malawi’s Policy and Priorities for a Globalised World.’

Chimwemwe Nuka, one of the campaigners for dual nationality, asked President Banda on whether government is taking aboard the wishes of Malawians in Diaspora on changing the law to allow dual citizenship.

President Banda noted that the movement towards embracing dual citizenship is slowly gaining momentum , saying accepting dual citizenship may be considered to be in the national interest, as it will facilitate flow of investment, transfer of technology and infusion of democratic values.

She however said government will “consult widely” on the subject. The Minister said government will allow a healthy debate on dual citizenship when the subject was raised again at a meeting President Banda addressed Malawians in UK later during the day.

The Malawi President in her address to the London think-tank, said her government seeks to “unlock the potential of the Malawian people to regain their freedom, dignity and sense of pride and thereby give Malawi the opportunity to realise their social, political and economic freedoms.”

Banda also said her administration also wants to drive a people’s development agenda that enhances opportunities, reduces inequalities and eradicates poverty through economic growth and wealth creation.

“We will realise this vision by exemplifying the values of integrity, honesty, tolerance, selflessness and stewardship within the leadership and the public at large whilst embracing three cornerstones of Unity, Equity and Development,” President Banda said.

She said the main policy thrust of her Government is to eradicate poverty of Malawians through economic growth and wealth creation. “This will be achieved by transforming the structure of the economy to accelerate job creation and economic empowerment of the vulnerable citizens within a centralised and democratic environment,” she said. NYASA TIMES

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    There is a lot of misconceptions about the idea of Dual citizenship in general and I think its great that the media has started to cover the topic. Please see the movement for Dual Citizenship blog at http://www.dual OR for more details about this issue for Malawi.

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