My Conclusion Of The Matter

By Lanre Fatokun

Photo by: Jeremy Scholz After the preventable tragedy that took my lovely wife and blessed children away from me on Sunday 3rd June, various thoughts have flooded my mind.
We started out rough, with a bike accident, and it all ended in a plane crash!

My lovely wife was the most obedient stubborn girl I’ve ever met. With less than a year between us, and same school years, and an LLM from UK, she had every reason to let me know what “equality” meant but i still do not know! I practically did not have to initiate a single conflict resolution in 4 years! She did it all! She spoilt me right?

When people said I was cool and gentle, she’d shake her head and say “may they never know you!” There was never a brawl over lack! She did everything to please me. I think my love for her should be close to 60% of what she had for me.

Olaoluwa was me in every possible way, including genotype and blood group. 3 years and 6 months, I taught him to plan the tonic solfa on the piano, preparing him to be a 3rd generation pianist/choir director. I hate noise, he hated noise. He’d rather go with uncle Wisdom, a neighbour, than go with mummy for a wedding reception! If you had seen my baby pictures, you’d stop thinking he looked like Anjola.

Ibukun could best pronounce her name as Ibubu, and she claimed everything that was hers with her name, including Ibubu’s daddy, leaving mummy for Ola! She was growing with a great musical voice. At 1 year and 7 months, her best song was Kabiyesi o, Hossana o! Times when I scolded her, she wont be silent, nor leave my presence till I said sorry and hugged her. She always gave Ibubu’s daddy Mwaah at every opportunity; Anjola called her my Younger Wife. We were a closely-knit four. We had at least one FULL DAY together, once a week.

Doubtlessly, these pictures will always remain; my preschoolers will never grow up, and my darling wife will never grow old! But i see light at the end of my tunnel

FIRSTLY, people have referred me to Job, and i think “E easy?”
Job 16:4= I also could speak as ye do!

Secondly, some have said that I am strong in faith.
I ask them the question the disciples asked Jesus. John 6:68 – Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.

Finally, i’ve heard one archbishop, ane 3 bishops visit me. But yesterday, Pastor Alex Adegboye explained to me Isaiah 57: 1 & 2.

Isaiah 57:1-2 MSG Meanwhile, right-living people die and no one gives them a thought. God-fearing people are carted off and no one even notices. The right-living people are out of their misery, they’re finally at rest. They lived well and with dignity and now they’re finally at peace.

There are certainly conditions that make instant death seem small.


Anjola has done her part.
Families have had dinner because she came;
School fees have been paid because she came;
She has taken up some marriages as projects, and I remember at least one that was restored.
She has been a model wife/mother to many; built a model home for many.
She has taught many how to bring up children, and how to feed them well.
If you ever met my Anjola, you would have seen Proverbs 31 in person.
The first time my brother met her, he told me she must not escape.
She would gist with my dad till he’d sit up to talk at length. (I guess I alone noticed that the shirt grandpa wore on Monday, Anjola gave him in March).
She could gist with my mum to any length. And when grandma required morefrom her, I used to tell her its because of their relationship.

Our house was a hub for whoever needed a bed for a night or two.

Lord, I thank you for her life, and for giving me a huge part in it.

(1) I pray that her pet project, the Sisters-with-compassion continue to increase and transcends generations. You can get more info from

(2) We started a “lazy” bible study group together. You can get more details at We deal by emails, and we are about 400 in number. For more details, mail

(3) And that inspite of the storms, my anchor continues to hold as this song says:

Plsssssss learn this song with me: There’s a video, and the lyrics!


  1. Mojisola Jacobs Reply

    Hmm… This is too heavy to bear. May Almighty God grant the bereaved fortitude to bear the great loss

  2. Imoleayo Reply

    Reading this again and all I can say is GOD IS GREAT. Uncle Lanre I thank GOD for ur are a perfect example of JOY IN TRIBULATION. Thank you for being a great example to younger Christians. May OUR anchor continue to hold in the storms of life. Also thank you for increasing my knowledge on the word of GOD on a regular.
    Rest on Anjola, Olaoluwa and Ibubu (Ibukun).

  3. Anonymous Reply

    it is well

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Touching. I m sure they are all witb Christ.

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