Timothy Brown, The First Person To Be Cured Of AIDS

Cured Of AIDS Timothy Brown only a few years ago had AIDS, but the 46-year old is glad it has been cured.

“I feel good,” Brown told ABC News. “I haven’t had any major illnesses, just occasional colds like normal people.”

Brown is the only person in the world to be cured of AIDS, the result of a transplant of blood stem cells he received to treat leukemia.

“My case is the proof in concept that HIV can be cured,” he said.

Brown got lucky. The blood stem cells he received came from a donor with a special genetic mutation that made him resistant to HIV. The genetic mutation occurs in less than 1 per cent of Caucasians, and far less frequently in people of other races. Before Brown got his transplant in 2007, doctors tested nearly 70 donors for this genetic mutation before they found one who was a match.
But doctors hope that a similar solution could help other people with HIV: umbilical cord blood transplants.

Dr. Lawrence Petz, medical director of StemCyte, an umbilical cord blood bank, said although Brown was cured by his transplant, the process was complicated because the blood stem cells came from an adult donor.

“When you do that you have to have a very close match between donor and recipient,” Petz said. “With umbilical cord blood, we don’t need such a close match. It’s far easier to find donor matches.”

But it’s still not that easy. Petz and his colleagues have tested 17,000 samples of cord blood so far, and found just 102 that have the genetic HIV-resistant mutation. The team performed the first cord blood transplant on an HIV-infected patient a few weeks ago, and they have another transplant planned for a similar patient in Madrid, Spain, later this year.

It will still be months before researchers can tell if the transplants have any effect on the patients’ HIV.

Petz also noted that transplants aren’t performed solely to treat AIDS. Patients who get them have an additional condition that requires a blood stem cell transplant. Curing their AIDS would be an incredible bonus.

“It can be done. It’s just a matter of time,” Petz said.

Brown had his transplant in February 2007. Today, his body shows no signs of the virus.

Brown said he feels guilty being the only person to have been cured of the virus when millions still live with it. But he hopes his story will inspire others that a cure is possible.

“I don’t want to be the only person in the world cured of HIV. I want a cure for everyone,” he said.

  1. Victoria Reply

    This is very very good..am hoping for many more to be cured.congratulation to u DR.

  2. tangi Reply

    God is good all the time,he says he will never leave us neither forsake us.halleluja,Doctor Petz,put more effort to cured us.your reward is in heaven surely

  3. Cerctine Reply

    This disease has done enough, we lost our family, friends en relatives, just becouse this disease has no cure. Thank you our allmight father for hearing our cry. I also want to thank the Doctor for doing the great job we ever had before, thanks again!!

  4. Herman Reply

    Whn i heard about this i was very excted….brown is the survivor

  5. maria-sdaria luka Reply

    its amazing really,we at least have a little hope though BRAVO!!

  6. Dazzy Reply

    This is so serious,God has made it possible for us.

  7. Angula Reply

    Thank God for making this possible for us ,congratulation to yuo doctd Lawerence may the almight bless you .

  8. Ndahafa Reply

    This is so great. Like jesus tht he was curing his pple in the bible, he also send some people on earth to continue this helpful work. I rather call this doctor a samalitan because what he did is more worthy. Congratulation doctor Lawrence. may God bless u and rewarded your good work. May he add for u more ideas on how to do this simple, as i think the journey you used now was too long to find the winning part. May he open your eyes and your mind to continue helping people again and cure this disease. Doctor Lawrence, i salute you in the name of God. My words to the patient is that;Lets praise the name of our Lord, he made u a healthier person again so we are singing and praising him for this, AMEN.

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