Russian Supporters Beat Up EURO 2012 Stewards In Poland (VIDEO Included)

After Friday’s Russia vs Czech Republic EURO 2012 match in Wroclaw, a group of Russian supporters beat up UEFA stewards and stadium security staff. Reports say they kicked their faces.

Victims of the beating were taken to a local hospital. There were no serious injuries.

Russian supporters had fled the scene before the police arrived. ‘We are looking for them’ said police spokesman Pawel Petrykowski. ‘We are also trying to establish the motive.’

A local man who made the video described what he had seen: ‘UEFA steward was trying to search one of the Russian supporters. A that time more Russians showed up and hooded up. Some of the security staff escaped. There was no police.’

Euro 2012 spokesperson Juliusz Gluski said: ‘We did not call the police, we thought it was a minor incident. Of course we are sorry now. It is difficult to say why part of the security staff escaped. We are looking into that.’

‘The police work outside the stadium. The organizers’ security staff are inside.’ said police spokesman Pawel Petrykowski.

Source: Gazeta Wroclawska (Wroclaw Newspaper)

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    Too much alcohol usually carries along such behavioural patterns. Hope to see police get on top of this.

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