PHOTOS: Rihanna Steps Out In New York Wearing See-Through Outfit

The 24-year-old singer, Rihanna is pictured out drinking and partying on most nights, regardless of where in the world she is.

Rihanna steps out in see-through outfit

But now new claims have emerged that her friends are so concerned about her welfare due to her ‘excessive partying’ that they are urging her to check into a rehab centre.


According to reports, Rihanna‘s manager and close friend Jay-Z has ordered the 24-year-old singer to seek help before it’s too late.


The claims about Rihanna‘s wellbeing came as the singer was pictured stepping out in New York looking tired and dishevelled in possibly her most revealing outfit yet.

Rihanna steps out in see-through outfit

Rihanna was pictured wearing a tiny pink lace bandeau bra with a pleated skirt as she headed out and about in Manhattan, covering up with a white cardigan over the top at points during the outing.

She teamed the outfits with a pair of high-top trainers and sunglasses.

  1. Ashleon Reply

    Well about 2 years ago I started noticing the changes in her. Without reason or rhyme they just started happening. Well I tried to talk with her about things and I asked her why she was acting the way she was. Her response was to me was always I’m not acting strange im just tired from work. Ya, if I only knew then what I know now I would have look for help that would put a stop to all this at a point, I never knew she was having an affair with a co-worker, I later found out. Well, I actually found this out through confronting her over and over again as I had suspected it. She was just acting to out of normal and when she started spending less time with the kids, I drew a line there. I had to know what was going on. We got in a huge fight that night and she finally told me what was going on and left the house to go and be with Brian, her co-worker. This just tore a hole through our family. She actually just left the kids and me and walked out the door. My heart feel out of my chest and my stomach went in knots. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or think straight. I had to take care of the kids, so I held the family together as best I could. I went to my preacher and told him what was happening in hopes that he could pray for us and hopefully get her back. After waiting 3 months I decided that it was not working and I searched out other alternative ways of getting her back. During this point I was served with divorce papers. You have never experienced the lack of having a reason to live in life. I wanted to just believe that I didn’t ever get served with them. I just wanted to believe that it was just a dream. My mind could not handle the fact that she actually wanted a divorce from me after all the years together and all over this jacka** Brian. Well, as anyone else would have done I tried to stall, hoping to find another way out of this. Perhaps one where we could be together and be a family once again. Without Brian in the way of our love.

  2. Somebody Reply

    Hot as fuck.

  3. Juliana Jacobs Reply

    This has τ̅o stop before it leads to insanity…


    Demon in human flesh. Repent or face the wrath of GOD…

    • big bri Reply

      god is in her juicy twat

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