Bribery: Police To Declare Farouk Lawan Wanted

Farouk Lawan Is Farouk Lawan, the chairman of the House of Representatives Ad Hoc Committee which investigated the fuel subsidy issue about to be declared wanted by the police?

Sources in Abuja have told SaharaReporters that in view of Mr. Lawan’s failure to honour an invitation to him to tell his side of the scandalous bribery story that is sweeping the country, he may be declared wanted after today.

Following the fast-moving events of the past couple of days, in particular the accusations and counter-accusations between the Lawan and Femi Otedola, the chairman of Zenon Oil from whom the chairman seems to have accepted half a million dollars in bribes, Lawan was expected to have been interrogated by the police yesterday. Sources at Force Headquarters say that Mr. Lawan neither showed up yesterday, as did Mr. Otedola, nor has he been seen today.

PREMIUM TIMES reported extensively today [see story in Saharareporters ] about how the People’s Democratic Party has been scrambling hard to cover up the embarrassing bribery scandal.

Abuja sources said that Commissioner of Police Ali Amodu, who heads the Special Task that is investigating the scandal, has not set eyes on Mr. Lawan.

The chairman of the ad hoc committee of the House of Representatives, who gained celebrity status overnight on account of the committee, has had fresh spotlight turned on him over the alleged bribe of $500,000 he received from Mr. Otedola to shield the Zenon Oil chief from embarrassment. Our sources say that Mr. Lawan and Mr. Otedola were both contacted by the police through the National Assembly management.

Mr. Otedola was interrogated yesterday.

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