1. endy Reply

    na witch dey worry dis man oh

  2. king Henry Reply

    Who do this old gay man think he is ? he should go and die

  3. Roseanne Reply

    Dis man is really crazy,wats d meaning of dis probably he shooting a movie. I think its time charley start looking at his way of life and also run to Christ.

  4. ogunplanet Reply

    wonderful, dagrin, tupac etc sang about thier death b4 it came. the cult he belongs must have told him to prepare and he wanted to make it a stunt to become an hero. charly u belong to hell fire unless u repent and turn to God.

  5. Naj Lafamilia Reply

    Stop Condeming people cos you think you know them!

  6. Lazarus Reply

    Wat den is charley boy waiting 4 he should do and die since he knows d Coffee fits him. I Only but wish him Safe arrival at dis pathway which he has decided 2 take.

  7. Medinat Reply

    Only GOD knows what ds is for…..jst too weird 4 ma likin!

  8. charles nwabuwa Reply

    Stop judging and condeming people.

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