Jonathan Will Not Stay More Than 8 Years In Office – Aide

Dr. Jonathan The Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Political Matters, Mr. Ahmed Gulak, has Wednesday said the President won’t stay more than eight years in office.

He said this on when the North Central Women Forum led by a former member of the House of Representatives, Amina Aliyu visited him.

“God has given us President Goodluck Jonathan. Goodluck Jonathan is the President today but he is not going to stay more than eight years,” Mr Gulak said.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us and not for one person. Without the women our democracy will not be complete. I have seen it all during the campaign and Mr. president appreciates the role of women in our democracy and the role the women played in installing this administration. That is the reason the President gave more than 35 per cent in his appointment,” he added.

“I will also urge you the women in the North Central that peace is what we need in this country. We are happy and glad that the North Central is relatively peaceful than the North East. This government relies on women because the young people and children who are used by the mischief makers are your children.

“All of us must say enough is enough for these mischief makers. The history of this country cannot be written without mentioning the role of women who played important roles during the pre-colonial era, including the Aba Women riot (of 1929) which gingered the independence of this country.

Last month, elder statesman and former Minister of Information, Edwin Clark, had said that Mr Jonathan will contest the 2015 presidential election as was the case with former presidents that ran for second term in office.

Speaking in Abuja, as part of activities marking his 85th birthday, Mr Clark supported his position with the analogy that “former President Shehu Shagari contested the presidential election in 1979 and won and in 1983, he contested for a second term in office and won before he was ousted by the military, led by Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

“Also former President Olusegun Obasanjo contested the presidential election in 1999 and won and later contested for a second term in office in 2003 which he also won”.
He therefore asked: “Why should it be different in the case of President Jonathan?”

“Jonathan is a Nigerian. Nigerians voted for him beyond religious and cultural differences. What we should be asking is that he should perform as president in office. If he performs, and the same Nigerians vote for him, he will have another term.”

  1. kingben Reply

    Self consolation

  2. Izuchukwu Nweze Reply

    If mr president stay up to eight years there is nothing bad, he is still the best president than the past leaders.

  3. Mike Awoyale Reply

    Will have good President, he will leave long in Jesus name

  4. Henry Reply

    It’s really good to hear a Nigerian ldeaer that seems to have an acute understanding of what needs to be done and a clear idea of how to do it. I hope he manages to achieve some of his benchmarks before the next election. I really like the way that he stressed the importance of the electoral institution rather than the person in charge; if he can manage to set INEC up to hold credible elections i think he will have done a lot.Like you, i also liked how he addressed the Jos question. It’s too easy and lazy to cast the problem as religious violence.I’ve been making the same point and now i can pull up the clip of the acting president saying exactly that to support me. Whether he runs for the presidency or not, Goodluck Jonathan is one politician i’d like to see more of.

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