VIDEO: Celine Dion Sings Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’

Hear Celine Dion‘s version Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. It sounds so effortless from the 44-year-old singer. It’s hard to believe that the song was written by someone 20 years younger.

She covered the song as part of the song set for her new Las Vegas show.

FULL SONG Live In Las Vegas. June 9, 2012. Adele’s song. By the end of the year, Celine Dion will launch a new English album with new songs and a few recordings of some songs from the show in Vegas, like “Open Arms” and “At Seventeen.” The album will be “Water And A Flame” and a snippet of the album’s first single is available now, see:

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    Dion had first gained international recognition in the 1980s by winning both the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest where she represented Switzerland..

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