Big Brother StarGame: Goldie is Head of House

Goldie The only Nigerian housemate left in the Big Brother Africa StarGame reality show, Goldie has for the second time been crowned the Head of House for the Upville house.

The Upville housemates were tasked Friday morning to feast on a bowl of ice cream without using any spoon, fork or hands.

From the word go, Goldie who has been nicknamed the 24- carat-gold, was on demolishing spree gulping the ice cream.

She had fellow housemates Barbz, Roki, Maneta were amazed at the dexterity with which she went about the task.

The Nigerian singer’s antics made Ghanaian housemate Keitta, who seemed to also be making a head way with the task, loose hope – he just gave up.

After successfully emptying the bowl of ice cream, Goldie just placed the bowl on top of her head to tell Big Brother that she was the first to nail the task.

The Nigerian is currently trying to resurrect from an emotional breakdown after her ‘split’ from her love Prezzo and may clearly use her new power as Head of House to boost her confidence.

Goldie will take over from Lady May as Head of House on Monday and it begs to be seen how her reign as Head of House pans out.

Meanwhile in the Downville house, Malawian housemate Wati owes his beard a lot of gratitude which greatly helped to gulp the ice cream in good time gain the ticket to that house’s Head for next week.

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