“My Husband Padlocks My Manhood’,” Gay Nigerian Man Cries

Gay Nigerian Man Chika is a Nigerian gay man who lives in Germany. He married Marc Schwartz a few years ago, but the union ended in 2010. Chika told Stella Dimoko-Korkus in an interview this week that he’s back with Marc but..

Chika to Stella

I’m back with Marc but under lock and key. He locked my penis with a tiny iron rope that hold my waist and is not covered at the back but my front side is covered with aluminum and I can only pee and clean it.

How long have you had this?

Four months now

Is it not torture for you?

Well, it won’t last long because I am thinking of separating from him. And I will break the key and divorce him and this time it’s final, because I can’t continue to be a good wife
Gay Nigerian Man

So why did he lock it?

No trust, that’s all

So why did you go back to him after last time you complained of too much sex which was causing you pain?

That’s because I feel for him and also he always comes to beg. I didn’t know it will be like this.

You’re complaining now but were you blind when your penis was being padlocked?

I did it out of love charm not knowing I am imprisoning myself. I am trying to break that key and once it’s done that means I am done with him. I am sick and tired of this suffering and smiling marriage because he cheats and still picks on me as if I am a kid and yet padlocked me. This is prison.

Source: Date360.net

  1. Abubakar H. Shu'aib Reply

    Shame on you, that is not African culture and traditiom just trying to live in europe at all cause shame.

  2. king Henry Reply

    that male bitch is not from Nigeria we dont have gay in Nigeria

  3. Marv john Reply

    This guy is sick.what were you doing when he was padlocking it.u are saying it was because of love.it is well with you.

  4. Jibrin momoh Reply

    Total fuck up.you ar not from here go were u belong.

  5. Mj Reply

    That man is nt a nigerian i beg send him to were he belongs. Signs of end time brothers.

  6. Dare Osifalujo Reply

    bull shit

  7. polycarp Reply

    What was he thinking,I am still doubting if he is truly a nigerian,because nigerian are wise people

  8. kingben Reply

    Disgrace τ̅☺ his parent a̶̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̅ community

  9. bethel enyereibe Reply

    Guy if I catch u eeeeeeeeeeeeeen, u don die because I go shot u personaly…. Bastard

  10. bethel enyereibe Reply

    Dem suppose pour cameroun pepper inside ur ANUS…. IDIOT

  11. angelo Reply


  12. Amir Reply

    what a bunch of homophobic assholes you all are..to
    think that gay people don’t live there..gay people
    are everywhere you ignorant bush baboons!!!
    most of you beat and mistreat your women…because
    you really want to be with other men…..but you are not men enough to live your truth. so you judge others. this is why your people suffer so badly!!

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Stop being so passive. You r better than that.

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