Nigerian Police Release Farouk Lawan

Farouk Lawan UPDATE 1: The bail was granted under one condition that he must produce the alleged $620000 bribe not later than a week.

UPDATE 2: The Commissioner of Police in charge of the Special Task Force (STF), Mr. Ali Amodu granted Lawan bail in the presence of one of the counsel, Rickey Tarfa (SAN).

His international passport was seized to stop him from fleeing.

Earlier Report

Report reaching us says the embattled Farouk Lawan has been released on bail at 4pm on Saturday.

A police source says he was granted bail with conditions and he’s definitely expected to report back on Monday.

The Nigerian Police on Friday arrested Farouk Lawan in connection with the investigations of an alleged bribery scandal currently rocking the House of Representatives.

There was also a report that the police yesterday searched the home of Farouk Lawan in a bid to recover the $620, 000, which is at the centre of the controversy between him and Femi Otedola.

The report says the police barred Lawan’s lawyers from witnessing the search of his home, although his wife and children were present during the raid.

It was said that no money was found in his house.

Details of what they took away from the lawmaker’s Apo Legislative Quarters were not made public, but it was learnt that his diplomatic passport was seized by the police.

The source said that the police however, accorded respect to the lawmaker throughout his stay with them.

More details to come…

  1. Oscar Akom Reply

    Lawan is a theif, nigeria police is also a theif so there are brothers. Let keep quit and warch them

  2. habeeb a usman Reply

    Farouk lawan was arrested for been bribed what of the company that bribed him, what I think about them is that the company is will justly be banned in Nigeria and All its managers and owners be arrested they return what they are expected to have taken from our money

  3. frayo Reply

    The Story has suddenly changed, police took the $620,000 while searching FSROUK and are denying already. Nigeria which way?

  4. Goyit Rowland Reply

    Haba Farouk should’ve been smarter than those who lure him to the dance floor of corruption. Eventhough I do not believe the allegations against him to be true, Nigerian’s should try to see beyond one man(Farouk), they look into the intentions of all involved. The first question should be ‘why was the bribe given?

  5. Mustapha Ibrahim Reply

    What did the police recover in Farouk house let them speak louder so that Nigerians would hear it, why did they leave those that give the bribe without arresting them.

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