Explosions Rock Churches In Zaria, Kaduna

Multiple blasts rock churches in Zaria

UPDATE 12: Kaduna State governor has declared 24-hour curfew as angry youth go on rampage following the church bombings.

UPDATE 11: Daily Trust has confirmed that at least 13 people lost their lives in the bomb attacks on three churches in Kaduna this morning.

In addition, about 11 others have been killed in reprisal attacks across the town.

According to Dr. Taylor Adeyemi, the acting Chief Medical Director of St. Luke’s hospital in Wusasa, 40 victims, mostly children were brought into their hospital following the blast at ECWA in Wusasa. Of this number, three were dead on arrival.

From the blast at the Christ the King Cathedral at No. 80 Yoruba street Daily Trust confirmed 10 dead and over 50 injured. Daily Trust is yet to get details of the casualties from the Trikania attack.

UPDATE 10: Police spokesman Aminu Lawan said officers have been dispatched to the area and they have succeeded in restoring peace and that everywhere is calm now.

UPDATE 9: Soldiers and policemen have cordoned off all the scenes of bomb blasts in Kaduna state, denying journalists access.

UPDATE 8: Violent riots reported in parts of Kaduna following the multiple bomb explosions targeting worship centers around the state.

UPDATE 7: Students of Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic are worst hit as most of the Christian students worship at the church.

UPDATE 6: The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has confirmed that the third blast occurred along the Bye-Pass of Zaria city in Kaduna State, North-West Nigeria.

UPDATE 5: Rescue and security officers have moved to the scene,” spokesman Yushau Shuaib said in a statement.

UPDATE 4: Youths plan reprisal attack.

UPDATE 3: The suicide bomber forced himself into the vicinity of the church after the security guards at the gate tried to stop him. He detonated the bomb in front of the entrance.

UPDATE 2: Eyewitnesses said at least 8 people have been confirmed dead.

UPDATE 1: Report says third explosion has gone off at Shalom Church, Trikania.

Earlier Report

Explosions have been reported at two churches in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Report says suicide bombers attacked two churches in Zaria this morning.

The two churches reportedly affected are on the Christ the King Catholic Cathedral, Sabon Gari and ECWA GoodNews Church, Wusasa.

There is ongoing gunfight between the police and unidentified gunmen on the scene of the second suicide attack on the premises of the CKC church on Yoruba Road in Sabon Gari area of the old city.

Spokesperson of the Kaduna State command of the Nigerian Police Force, Aminu Lawan, confirmed the two explosions.

“Our men have been dispatched to the area, we will give you updates as soon as we confirm anything, right now investigations have commenced,” he said.

We are unable to confirm casualty figures at this time.

Details soon…

  1. Shuaib Reply

    Allahu akbar Allah ya kare mu da wannan fitina

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    Allah ya kare mu ya tona asirin duk wadda ke da hannu a cikin wannan al,amari/HASBUNALLAHU WA NI,IMAL WAKIL/

  3. Abdulrazaq muhammad Reply

    Hasbunallahu wani imal wakil

  4. Shut Reply

    All i knw, there is no amnt of intimidation dat will stop the gospel of christ. Rada This persecution will help us to reach out to odas. Blessed sunday to all.

  5. Akwesehor J. M Reply

    Lord, why all these? Is there any reason for the bombings?

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  7. Christopher Ayeni Reply

    May God deliver this country from the hands of these evil elements doers.All these different actrosities are happening because we have no government who can say enough is enough for all these mess.Almigthy God we are looking unto you oooo.

  8. makpee Reply

    God dey, the gospel shall continue 2 spread like wild fire, May God guide his own children Amen

    • Julie Reply

      I come into agreement with you!

  9. lilian dickson Reply

    what is happening 2 our nation,we need Gods intervention.

  10. Yakubu Audu Reply

    If the muslim umma cant stand up to face out boko haram that is killing innocent people in the name of defending islam, then surely evry sane person must detest anything islamic and continue to see adherents of the religion as people who promote n encourage violence or how can one explain all this nonsense in the name of religion? What kind of “god“ encourage shedding of blood? Surely sponsors of boko haram have alot to answer in this life and hereafter.May God help us put an end to the activities of this agents of darkness.

  11. Yakubu Audu Reply

    I want to call on GEJ to declare boko haram enemy of the Nigerian state. Its hight time to use the full might of our security forces in tackling this enemies of our dear country. Why should boko haram be allowed to continue to kill people any day any time they so choose without any form of check on them? Is dia no government in our country again? Or is the govt telln us that they can‘t perform dia constitutional mandate of protecting and securimg lives and property? Its really a shame that govt can‘t contain and curtail the activities of a small group of rebellious individuals. What will be the situation if it wia an external challenge? God help Nigeria bcos our current leaders are weak and can‘t perform. Boko haram, surely God is going to demand the blood of the innocent thousands that u hav sent to early graves on ur individual and collective heads on the last days. We will all give account one day b4 GOD.

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    May the wicked never go unpurnished. Oh LORD! deliver us frm the hands of this animals.

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    Jus luk at hw far coruptn has teken us coz i bliv no single individual in his right senses wil tek his hard earn moni in sponsorin dis devilish act.God help us

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    Poor Nigeria, poor Nigerians, poor Christians. We refuse to be intimidated whether goverment, northern political and islamic leaders do their work or not. We shall worship our God even if it means dying in the process. We refuse to be afraid. May God help us all.

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    God help Nigeria, we don’t have good leader I think will need t pray

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