Nigeria Practising ‘Nonsense Democracy’, Says Buhari

Buhari Former military ruler, Major General Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday spoke about democracy and election in Nigeria.

Speaking in Abuja during the CPC Renewal Committee Stakeholders’ Forum, attended by prominent members of the party nationwide, he said: “I said I believe in this system. In 1991 nobody lectured me to become a democrat but when the Soviet Union collapsed then I came to the conclusion that democratic system is the best.

“Elections must be free and fair otherwise it is nonsense. So we are doing nonsense in Nigeria. Nigeria is practising nonsense democracy. I do not know when it will stop. If CPC is the only threat to PDP, of course, PDP will do anything to destroy CPC. So it is up to CPC to maintain political integrity.

“Votes are stolen; people are beaten up and houses burnt and some of them killed. Where ever you go one day you will come back home which is Nigeria. So we must join hands to stabilize the country for sustainable development.

“Movement in Nigeria now is so dangerous. In fact, I wonder if the insurance companies are still agreeing to insure lives, because if the Federal Government cannot pay some departments and so on and if the pension funds are not available, I think people should be very careful.”

Buhari stressed the need for unity of purpose by party members ahead of the 2015 elections with a view to defeating the ruling PDP.

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and chairman of the CPC Renewal Committee, Mallam Nasiru el-Rufai said the planned merger between the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and CPC would end PDP rule in 2015.

El-Rufai encouraged Buhari to continue with the merger negotiation and advised members of the party not to relent in the renewal process.

He said: “It is Buhari’s commitment and example that is driving all of us to work harder to renew CPC which is the only hope that Nigeria has for 2015. Our hope is to merge with other likeminded political parties to ensure that we see the end of the PDP in the 2015 election. I do not want to say much about that because it is ongoing. General Buhari is in charge of the merger this time around and by God’s grace it is going to happen. We should think about how we can secure our party for the future.”

  1. kingben Reply

    God will help †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ peoples general. Mai gaskiya

  2. Golton Reply

    All politicians are the same. They say what they dont mean just to get our votes then use their power to destroy us. God Almighty will judge any wicked transgressor

  3. Success Reply

    You are all the same, evil men. Get away.

  4. Ike Onwukanjo Reply

    I think the major problem and drawback for Mr. Buhari is that, by his admission, no body lectured him on democracy, the process and practice. For a man born, raise and groomed in the military to effectively engage in democratic process, he must learn the art of democratic trade. If the ex military strongman is interested in partaking in the democratic governance, he must devote s ubstantial time and learn the art. Using money to start a party is not the answer. Anybody with money can start just about anything, but the success in such endeavor may not always produce the desired result. Mr. Buhari is about to contest for the presidency for the fouth time, and each time he failed miserable. Shouldn’t that be a sign that something is amiss?. Wouldn’t it be wise for him to give another person in the party the opportunity to represent the party? At least for a trial. Think about.

  5. okoro Reply


    Mr. Buhari contradicted himself. Was he kidding when he stated, “I said I believe in this system. In 1991 …when the Soviet Union collapsed then I came to the conclusion that democratic system is the best.”
    Ex-military dictators contesting to be the president of Nigeria are nothing but hypocrites or cupboard lovers. The dictatorial tendencies during their depraved military rule led to Nigeria’s economic stagnation of today.

    Buhari’s statement is an insult to the intelligence of enlightened Nigerians. He and his military bodies rapped democracy in Nigeria. Fela and others who struggled to expose the dictators were thrown into jail, murdered or disappeared without a trace.

    Since they are not in touch with freedom of speech, I better watch out for their thugs who will be sent after me for my response to his comments at the “CPC Renewal Committee Stakeholders’ Forum.”

    Disguised as politicians today, they are under cover of darkness, parading the streets of Nigeria. With the assistant of unsuspecting Nigerians, they are stealing and manipulating votes and monies in national treasuries, creating hostile environment for all Nigerians.

    In 1966, when military men came to power in Nigeria, they promised a better Nigeria for all. Instead it has been worst for all. Mr. Buhari should concern himself with meeting his fellow military dictators to put an end to the problem they created. Kidnappings, assassinations and Boko Haram are all military style operations. Who is he kidding? His talks are cheap.

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