PHOTO: Man Beheaded In Igbinedion University Clash (Viewers’ Digression Advised)

Two students of the Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, were on Sunday reportedly beheaded in a clash between ex-militants and suspected cult members.

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15 people were also reported injured, and over 50 vehicles burnt, during the clash between ex-militants, who were registered in the Igbinedion University Okada, Edo State and suspected cultists.

The ex-militants held the entire institution hostage for several hours after they locked up the exit gates, making it impossible for the detachment of mobile policemen, that were deployed to the university to gain access to the scene of the clash.

The tension in the university started penultimate week, when four students in the Department of Medicine were abducted. It was learnt that they were later released after the families paid huge sums of money.

Below is a picture of one of the beheaded men.

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Man Beheaded In Igbinedion University Ex-Militants Clash

  1. king Henry Reply

    What is going on in Nigeria do we have Government in that country

  2. Bukar Reply

    GEJ we are waiting for ur comment on dis barbaric act or should i conclude it for u, this is not d act of millitants they are my people i know them .But this is d act of Boko Haram.GEJ pls change all ur advisers and security chiefs wit real people dat would work and remove dis calamity(insecurity) dat is worrying we nigerians .May God answer all our Good wishes and prayers

    • Philoy Reply

      U are really making sense

  3. Prince Okpu Reply

    Why una open eye carry millitants go join innocent students. Now see.

  4. JB_Akpan Reply

    God have mercy

  5. Mr Sharapp Reply

    Why calling on the Government about this barbaric act of students in the Campus???? Is Government again at fault here? Afterall Igbinedion Uni is not Uni for poor citizen. You have to ask where are our Morals and human being.. Didn’t a woman born us or are we robot machines that do not have blood. Where our Christianity faith went??? What are we learning from the Christendom that our moral has been lost? Killing a fellow human becomes killing a goat. What are our children learning in Universities??? The same killer hitman in the Campus want to contest for a leadership, how do u think a killer in the Campus days will be a merciful leader? Moment he/she acquires political power, the killings and assassination will the order of the day. May God have mercy on Nigeria Youths

  6. Kayode Reply

    May d lord save nigeria.God where are we going?kayode

  7. Medinat Reply

    Lord pleeeeeeeease have mercy, oohhhhhh!

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