Boko Haram Plans To Poison Suya To Kill Christians – CAN

THE Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, South East zone, yesterday alleged that the Northern Islamist sect, Boko Haram and its sponsors had concluded plans to declare a Jihad against the Southern part of the country with the deployment of over 6,000 fundamentalists to the South to prosecute the war.
Boko Haram
The association also claimed that part of the plot for the mass killing of Christians in the South was the alleged importation of a poisonous powder which Hausa suya sellers would use to poison the meat they sell as part of the Jihad, warning the people of the South to be careful about eating suya henceforth.

Chairman of CAN in the zone and Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, who raised the alarm at a briefing after the meeting of the association at All Saint’s Cathedral, Enugu, condemned the Sunday bombings of churches which claimed over 40 lives, saying it had on good authority that it had declared war on Christians as part of the agenda to Islamize Nigeria.

He said: “We have information and documents to show that this is a Jihad being sponsored and we have our documents to show where they have dispatched 2,000 people to prepare for Jihad to South East, 2,500 to South-South and about 2,000 to South West.

The names of those who are sponsoring this are in our hand now. So, it is a form of Jihad to make sure that Nigeria is frustrated and islamized and we are saying we are going to resist it, we are prepared to resist and they will not succeed. We have our information because there is already a Boko Haramist that was converted and has leaked most of these secrets to us and we have our document and information. So at the appropriate time we shall strike and we are waiting for them.”

“We are warning our people to be careful of suya because we have now heard that they will start poisoning people through suya. They know the suya they give themselves in the North and suya they give to the people in the South. So people should be careful of suya.

That is part of the information available to us now. There is a powder that is now being imported which they will spread on suya and after two weeks it will start eating your liver and other organs. We have gotten that information also.

The press should let the people know because when people start dying because of eating of suya don’t say I did not say as Bishop Chukwuma. I am telling you this because we have our information. As Sultan of Sokoto told our youths that he has a way of collecting information, Bishop Chukwuma also has a way of collecting information from the Muslims.

Let the Sultan hear that because he told our youths the other day that everything that is happening, he has a way of obtaining information, I too have a way of collecting my information and we are ready to match force with force right now.”

Expressing disappointment and dismay in the security agencies, Bishop Chukwuma lamented that it was disturbing that they could not put in place measure to forestall the bombing of churches which had reoccurred every Sunday.

“Are Christians no longer free to worship God on Sundays? What are the security operatives doing on Sundays when they know that Sundays have become a target to bomb Christians? What is the Inspector General of Police doing? Is changing of uniform the reformation that we want or action to make what is happening in the North to be stampeded and stopped. Again, what are the members of the House of Representatives and Senate doing to promulgate law that will sanction those perpetrating this evil?

“We call on the Federal Government to step up a serious security strategy that will protect lives and property of Christians in the north to avoid a volatile action from Christians in the South. We also want to put an alert that Christians in the South are ready to face them squarely because we heard that they have infiltrated this place, especially Enugu. We are prepared for war- physically and spiritually against any form of attack on the church. Time has come for reprisal because nobody can stop us from worshiping our God”, the South East CAN leader said.

He expressed regret that in spite of the huge budgetary allocation on security, the bombings have continued, stressing ‘where is the high budgetary allocation on security, where are they spending the money? It means that corruption has become part of it.”

Bishop Chukwuma, however, declared that Christians were fully prepared for war “physically and spiritually” to defend themselves against any attack on churches and worshipers anywhere, declaring that “nobody will stop us because the time has come for reprisal.”

– Vanguard

  1. Designer Reply

    Hhhhhhhm!! Bishop is ready 4 war!!!

    • Phil Reply

      It is sad to find out that some so called christians are still ignorant of what is happening in this country .My prayer is that God should teach you through the hard way .The Rev.has seen what you have not seen,even israel the holy land survives on war.Do you have the no. of churches burnt down ,and the no.of christians killed ?When is it going to stop ? Do you know that Islamisation is what is taking place globally now ?

    • samuel barnabas Reply

      You idiots that are sayin this man ix a pastor he should stop declarin war. Are we xtians gonna fold our hands and look our lives go just lyk dat? Killed by some stupid God for bid people? It’s time to have d mind and say lets go 4 revenge and everybody should die and summit his/her account to his God. Yes i must said its end time evn d bible say it that at the end time diffrent things will happen

  2. Yakubu Reply

    For the interest of peace and stability, I advised CAN to make public these names. Holding back until BH strike is not the best idea.

  3. Benga Reply

    You said huge some of money is spend on security and their is no change in d situation becouse of corruption.My clergy man lets fight dis corruption issue, and stop encouraging ordinary people to start fighting between christian and muslim (alot of muslims are also killed ,check d data).We have alot of northen christian and southern muslim.Pls lets fight this sect by being vigilent and notifying the appropriate personal for any suspicious things.Pls our religious leader stop encouraging people to fight each others

    • Chika Reply

      You are so spot on! It is misguided for religious leaders to encourage reprisals in anyway when corruption is at the core of it all. Thanks for sharing that insight!

  4. Maryam Reply

    They can not succeed in Jesus Name.All their wicked plans wil soon be exposed.Our God never sleeps and he never slumber.

  5. Destiny Reply

    I think the government should arrest this man ‘cos he is trying 2 creat a war b/wen the 2 religion.

  6. Romney Reply

    Instead of Ʋ as a religious leader to pray for peaceful co exitence of d country, u are praying for war.The war will consume u sir. God Almighty will definately return peace to Nigeria. God Bless Nigeria.

  7. Desmond Reply

    This guy suppose to be arrested or admitted to psychiatric hospital 4 treatment. Mumu clergy man. If u dont money to buy suya, allow us to eat our suya now.

  8. Danjuma Reply

    This is foolish, he wants to put the lives of innocent muslims and suya sellers in the flash regions in danger. Remember that there are also many igbos across the north in large numbers who are settled their and doing their businesses. For instance many Muslim elites have lost their lives to the Boko Haram mayhems in Borno and Yobe states. More so, the issue of Islamization has been hoax used by CAN. Even, how many northern states are Islamic? You have attracted our comment not our repect, please. There is a problem at hand I wonder if the muslims or Islam is a benefiary; in what way? please, CAN, let the right people speak on your behalf. Imagine, if any body knows this vital information and is not guidingthe security agents, is there any security sabotage beyond this? Are you your brothers’ keeper? Far away!

    • Phil Reply

      Stop being mad with the man of God he has just told you the bitter truth .The bombs are only in churches but not a single Mosque.Do you de-code anything? The muslims killed are there painful sacrifice,cos after boko haram succeed all muslims will celebrate.

  9. BALA Reply

    this pasto i think u dn’t no how to tuk, people are dying u are still thukyn robish, as a prechre man u neet to call people togethre an pray for the country, not tuk any how, i pray for nigeria god will fich old this coword, may the almighty god joint our head togethre,

  10. Emmanuel Reply

    Sir, if truly U hate corruption kindly with the FACTS you have make copies 2 relevant authorities & media Houses bcos certainly 1 among them after investigation will publish d names. Then U’v exonerated ursef as a clergy. I buy ur idea of Christians being alert on whether physical or spiritual bcos physical doesn’t really mean carrying arms but information made Vividly public,calling peoples names 2 rubbish their personality. Then we are really fighting corruption

  11. Bankfems Reply

    Its high time all islam in the south and East be sent packing back to north before it turns somethings.

  12. Audu ahmadu Reply

    Look @ this Preacher n what so called, a christian scholar dats pastor, try to importing knowledge them u can talk on publicity or media. This ur bitter talked God forbid. Mumu pastor u don’t know what is called religious n talkless of worshipped. U r not deeply @ bible study tried to understand whose u worshiped .he turn it to war.

  13. Suraj Reply

    pls pastor stop portraying us we southerners as we are all christian. Do ur survey and check how many southerners are muslim.Am from south west am muslim and 60 -70% of us are muslim in south west.So pls dont encourage people to do any reprisal attack .With prayers everything is possible.lets pray

  14. Sam Reply

    all these tins r just mere exagerations, they cant poison suya to kill xtians cos even there people eat suya too. CAN shldnt complicate issues wit exagerations cos they r creating tensions and hatred, all they need to do is to sensitize the xtians and muslims to know dat boko haram isnt made up of muslims alone but xtians also, therefore xtians and muslims shld only look for ways to conquer boko haram collectively. it is obvious dat boko haram is on a mission to split nigeria and 80% of dem r not nigerians.

  15. maigari Reply

    Very immatured for a clergy to such outburst. He needs to know the essence of Jihad. How can u islamise dead people? Please Anglican Chuks u need to go back to the seminary (school). Otherwise u will soon be a. 5star security risk. If it where a muslim clergy that made such comments the CAN would have called for his head.

  16. Adejoke Reply

    Signs of end time

  17. Adejoke Reply

    God will see us through

  18. Franca Oluyemi Reply

    Thanks 4sensitising us. Please our leaders should put measures on ground promptly for its going to be an accident too many, if D BOMBING IS carried out. Pls leave d man of God alone, even in d bible de fought war.
    If its not a religious war kindly mention a mosque dat has been bombed. If any muslim died in d process, it must have been an accident. WHY ARE PEOPL NOW TALKIN ONLY WHEN DIA IS A CALL 4 REPRISAL? U ARE NOT FAIR!

  19. Matteco Reply

    I see no reason y all dis people are comdemin dis pastor, he is jst telling u what he knows. If u remenber wen some northern leader ar been intervied they said if nigeria divid they we survive. My advice is dat we should 4get “united we stand divded we fall” let us divid and see who we fall

  20. Sandra Reply

    Am suprised ple are insultin d bishop.dont we know what happened in jos?wells were poisond ple that used d water died.y are we suprised about suya?the bishop is right and correct.let d madness of the suicide bombers be adresd radically.nigeria will divide very that those that want to be vampipes can hav ther own.for how long wil bishops continue to preach peace’since many bombs hav you heard on sala day?southen muslims are not considered as true muslims by the southern xtians dont decive yourself

  21. Obaino(1) Reply

    My felow igbos open ur eyes ooo make una 4 get abt yoruba people oo they ar betrayers,they betrayed us in 1967 dont 4 get dat so easly any bomb atemt in d east i swear i personally will kill 200 hausa fulani people includin d yorubas nd ijaw also i hate u all,biafra my father land,RIP ojukwu i mix u

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