Egypt’s Mubarak Is ‘Clinically’ Dead

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak Is 'Clinically' Dead
Egypt’s official news agency has on Tuesday reported that said former president Hosni Mubarak, the man long seen as the symbol of stability in the Middle East but who was ousted in a popular uprising, has been declared clinically dead.

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former ruler of 30 years, is reportedly ‘clinically’ dead at 84 years old. After suffering a massive stroke, the ousted Egyptian leader was recently moved from the hospital in Torah Prison to the Maadi Hospital in Cairo.

The medical diagnosis declares a cessation of breathing and blood circulation.

Reports from the Egyptian state news agency, MENA, stated that Mubarak‘s health condition had rapidly deteriorated.

“Medical sources told MENA his heart had stopped beating and did not respond to defibrillation,” stated MENA.

A prison official, speaking on anonymity, informed The Associated Press that the toppled president had fallen unconscious. Other hospital prison sources, said doctors had recently treated Mubarak, twice, with a defilibrator.

Mubarak, sentenced to serve a life in prison for his failure to stop the killing of protesters during last year’s massive uprisings, has suffered numerous health ailments since he was deposed in February 2011.

Since then, his health has been a subject of widespread speculation, headlined in news media outlets. He was reportedly suffering from high blood pressure, difficulty with breathing and acute depression. Mubarak’s wife Suzanne and daughters-in-law, Khadiga al-Gamal and Heidi Rasekh, had recently visited him in Tora prison following rumors that he had died.

However, Mubarak’s present state as ‘clinically’ dead is not yet final, as doctors have yet to pronounce that he is actually dead. Various reports claim that Mubarak is unconscious and is on a respirator.

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