Fresh Crisis Erupts In Kaduna

Youths Gun Down Police Helicopter in kaduna Shooting continued in parts of Kaduna despite the 24-hour curfew earlier imposed by the state government.

The violence continued in Nassarawa community throughout Sunday night up to Monday morning.

The crisis led to the killing of five people, despite the 24-hour curfew in place and the high presence of the security agents.

A source told LEADERSHIP that the fresh crisis happened in Gonin-Gora, Sabon-Tash, Kakuri, Barnawa, Nasarawa and other parts of the state.

LEADERSHIP learnt that the situation was later brought under control following the reinforcement of security in the area.

There was trouble also at the Barnawa Central Market, near Holy Family Catholic Church.

Nuhu Bityong, a resident of the area told our correspondent, that “as many people went to shop, coupled with the tension that resulted from the bomb blast, some youths regrouped themselves and started throwing stones at each other close to the Holy Family Catholic Church, Barnawa. The security men acted promptly and no one was killed.”

Another eyewitness told LEADERSHIP that the attack started when the corpse of a man was found in the bush and brought to Barnawa.

The corpse, according to the eyewitness who spoke on condition of anonymity, “was dumped on the road by some youths who started to react spontaneously, attacking people. Some of those who fell victims were in the market to purchase food items.”

Also attacked were vehicles coming from town whose windscreens were shattered. A number of people were injured but no casualty was recorded.

Kaduna State police command spokesman Aminu Lawan said that security men on patrol acted promptly and dispersed them.

“When they started regrouping shortly after the relaxation of the curfew, our men on patrol disperse them. But, for now, the situation is under control,” Lawan said.

In the meantime, well armed security men cordoned off the area.

In a related development, some armed youths were reported to have gunned down a police helicopter during the fresh crisis in Kaduna.

But the Commissioner of Police, Kaduna State Command, Mr. Mohammed Jinjiri denied the claim, and said that nothing of such occured within his command.

IG orders 24-hour patrol

The inspector-general of police, Mohammed Abubakar, yesterday ordered a 24-hour strategic surveillance patrol of Kaduna and neighbouring states of Katsina, Kano, Plateau, Nasarawa and Niger following intelligence reports that the violence that erupted in Kaduna State on Sunday, as a result of the bombing of three churches in Zaria and Kaduna towns, may spread to the neighbouring states.

The deputy force public relations officer, CSP Frank Mba, said the 24-hour patrol directive by the IGP was to prevent further spread of the crisis.

He said: “While the patrols in Kaduna will be to consolidate on the calm and peace that has returned to the state, it is also designed to ensure that the gains made so far are not lost and the patrols of other states are to ensure no spillover or breach of security of any kind.”

On the operational order, Mba said: “The order spells out the standard operational procedure that officers should adopt in ensuring prevention and management of crisis situations.”

  1. Bash Reply

    As seen clearly the perpitrators of this datstardly acts (bombings) have achieved their aim of causing chaos and disharmony among mulims and cristens.

  2. Abdullah mohammad Reply

    Well,may almighty put ours through all,no humanity in all that is happening among people of this great nation what are we building please every one wake up,in everytin we do less remember one thin(judgement day 2very soul).

  3. Austin Reply

    Abdullah, you dey craze. What brings judgement day here when your people are killing innocent persons wosipping their God and no Muslims are taking to the streets to protest this massacre. You all like it.. that is what your Quran teaches it. Forget all the public whitewashing you all are doing in public, we all know that Islam was founded on Violent , thrives by masssacre and survives only on the blood of innocwn ones. SAD. No christian group will be doing this and all christinas in Nigeria wont march out to fight such wicked astc. Truth is, christians hold life in high esteem , maintain the sanctity of nother person’s life.

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