Africa Union Chief To World Leaders: Keep Your Promises

Rio+20 Africa Union Commission Chairman Jean Ping has called on world leaders to resolve outstanding issues on sustainable development to make Rio+20 a reality.

Speaking during the Africa Day at the UN’s conference on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Wednesday, Dr Ping said the continent expected nothing less than a global movement for generational change.

He added that people today lived in a world of economic uncertainty, growing inequality and environmental decline.

Making reference to the 2012 Africa’s Human Development Report, Dr Ping said it highlighted new and emerging challenges that undermined Africa’s progress.

According to Dr Ping, the challenges include climate change, increasing water scarcity, low resilience to natural disasters, energy and food crisis, migration as well as global financial crisis.

“We want world leaders to make these critical issues at Rio+20 their own personal priority with concrete outputs from Rio and outcomes that will improve the livelihoods of the poor around the globe,” he said.

Green economy

Dr Ping said the continent wanted a defined path to an inclusive green economy that would establish an international investment strategy.

He said the strategy must address the agreed commitments including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs.

In order for it to be achieved, the AU commission chairman said it required international collaboration, investment as well as country exchange of of experiences and technology.

Dr Ping said African heads of state and government in January this year called on the international community, at Rio+20, to consolidate the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep).

The consolidation, added Dr Ping, was in transforming Unep into a specialised environmental institution to be based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Rio+20 main objectives are to secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development, assess progress and the gaps in the implementation of sustainable development as well as new challenges.

Via Africa Review

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