Pastor: We Must Fight Against Shameless Govt

Pastor Adefarasin, with the widow Oluwatoyin and her daughter, Hillary....yesterday There was anger in his voice. It was an uncommon sermon. The audience was sober. Eyes were heavy with tears. The Senior Pastor and founder of the House on the Rock Church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, spoke at the Muson Centre yesterday during the service of songs for one of his pastors, Akinola Olumodeji, who died in the Dana Air plane crash.

Pastor Adefarasin advised Nigerians to stop grieving; rather they should live “to the shame of this corrupted society and shameless government. We must live to ensure that such people do not occupy public positions any longer. This is what we must fight for.”

He added: “It’s a difficult evening with mixed feelings because he (Akin) should bury us. We should not be the one to bury him.”

He prayed that the death of the “precious souls” lost to the crash will be a platform that will galvanise the “the rise of other heroes that will do our nation proud.”

The pastor advised every Nigerian to dedicate their lives to the attainment of the potentials of their country, saying this is the best honour that could be done to the memories of the June 3 crash.

Pastor Adefarasin announced the establishment of the Akinola Olumodeji Trust Fund, to which he enjoined all Nigerians to donate to ensure that the deceased’s wife and two children are well taken care of.

Pastor Colour, as the late Olumodeji was fondly called, turned 39 in January.

His widow, Oluwatoyin, said: “My ‘Bobo’ as I fondly called you. You came into my life like an angel and you left like one. What is life without you? You taught me so many things about life and you made me who I am today. Loving you made my life beautiful and am so delighted that we journeyed through this path of life together though for a short but splendid and exciting period. You were such a wonderful husband and an excellent and caring father to our children, Hilary and Iniouluwa. Even in death, I am proud of you. I miss you greatly my darling husband but my solace is in God. I know you are wrapped in God’s arms.”

His daughter, Hillary, said she waited endlessly for the shoes and chocolate her father promised to bring her from the trip to Abuja.

Hillary said: “I miss all your love, hugs and ice cream you always buy for me. But I remember your words: ‘Hillary, be yourself and be the best. This I pray I will live by and I will always remember all the psalms you thought me. Inioluwa will miss you ‘Dada’. Love you Daddy. Pastor Akin good night.”

The late Olumodeji’s sister, Mrs. Olufunmilayo Coker, said she has found it difficult to forget the deceased’s last words to her. She said: “How can I possibly forget our last words together, which was barely 12 hours before that fatal plane crash…how you asked me to order barbecue fish and chicken along with juice and wine, that you were coming home to have fun with us all and to fellowship all night inspite of my plea to you not to come until the next Sunday… My sincere wish is to wake up from this horrible nightmare, however the reality of your death stares at me at every tick of the clock.”

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