JTF Shoots Mastermind Of UN House, Madalla Bombings

JTF Shoots Mastermind Of UN House, Madalla Bombings After a three-month search, the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Thursday confirmed the arrest and shooting of a Boko Haram leader, Habib Bama, who was behind key bombings in the country.

Bama, who was a dismissed Private in the Nigerian Army, had allegedly coordinated bombings in Mogadishu Barracks, Police Headquarters, United Nations Building, St. Theresa’s Catholic Church at Madalla and many sites in Jos.

The JTF, comprising the State Security Service (SSS), the Military and the Nigeria Police, had stormed Bama’s operational base in Damaturu.

It was learnt that Bama, who was fatally wounded, was being interrogated as at press time in Damaturu.

But there were indications that he might be moved to Abuja in a special jet if his condition improves.

A top JTF source said: “One of the cell-leaders of Boko Haram in Federal Capital Territory-Suleja-Jos axis has been shot this afternoon in Damaturu by the Joint Task Force (JTF).

“He was shot and critically wounded this afternoon. We are still extracting words from him.

“Security agents are extracting information from a critically wounded dismissed Army Private Habib Bama, who has been variously involved in the bombings at Mogadishu Barracks, Police Headquarters, United Nations Building, St. Theresa’s Catholic Church at Madalla and many sites in Jos.

“He was declared wanted by security agents after the Madalla church bomb blast.

The manhunt for Bama had started on February 15, 2012 when the SSS declared him wanted.

A statement by the Deputy Director, Public Relations of the SSS, Ms Marilyn Ogar, said the suspected committed crimes against the state.

The statement said: “Habibu Bama is hereby declared wanted by the Federal Government in connection with crimes against the state.

“Bama is an ex-soldier, Kanuri by tribe and hails from Bama, Borno State. He is also known by the following names;( i )Habib Bama;( ii )Shuaibu Bama; and (iii) Habib Mamman.

“Members of the public with any information that could lead to his arrest are hereby implored to immediately contact the nearest Police Station, Military formation or any other security agency, please.”

There was no official reaction from Boko Haram as at press time on the arrest of Bama.

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  1. Kachi Reply

    So JTF knows boko haram members and is simply waiting 4 them to kill many people in many attacks before they’re declared criminals? JTF dei joke, I swear. Being member of boko haram should be a crime already.

  2. Kachi Reply

    Good job anyway.

  3. valentine Reply

    Bullshit…you call a dismissed Nigerian private with obviously no bomb making training a master-mind.After the senseless killing of hundreds of innocent people, you apprehend one person who is probably the least in the chain n’ call it success n’ even have the guts to put it in print….God will punish all you.

  4. Dabup G Reply

    I comment d efforts of d JTF, is an effort 2ward a right direction, atleast if u get d house servant he may kwn d whereabout of his master. God will reveal all d useless sponsors soon. Der days are numbered. JTF keep it up.

  5. daspee Reply

    Eventhough a bird in hand they say is worth millions in d bush, this is enough reason 4 us 2 give thumbs up 2 dis new crop of JTF personnel but haba! United State don help una wit 3 new names, just go & pick dem up i dont tink its going 2 b difficult

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