Police Avert Explosion In Kano Mosque, Arrest 3

Mosque The prompt intervention of the anti-bomb squad drafted from Bompai Police headquarters averted what could have been the most deadly attack in the ancient city of Kano as police arrested three suspected terrorists for planting explosives inside a mosque on Friday.

The suspected terrorists had concealed the high volume Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in a plastic bag and neatly planted it inside the Fagge Mosque which has a capacity of about 15, 000 worshipers.

Speaking on the incident on phone, Kano State Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim K. Idris, confirmed that three people suspected to be terrorists were arrested within the mosque premises.

“The person that planted the explosive came inside the mosque before the prayer time. He concealed the explosive in a plastic can, dropped it, sat down, picked a Qu’ran and pretended to be reciting the Qu’ran.

“After some minutes, he went outside, came in again, sat in the same position and pretended to be reading the Holy Book. After a while, he went outside, abandoned the plastic can and never returned. At this point, the mosque committee suspected the plastic can and alerted the police.

“When the anti-bomb squad arrived the mosque, they brought the plastic can outside, checked the content and discovered it was an explosive; and they immediately detonated it,” he stated.

The police boss, however, advised residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious movement or strange item dumped anywhere to the police, pointing out that, “people should be very careful even in the mosques and churches.”

“Worshipers should not be allowed to come inside places of worship with strange materials,” Idris advised.

Alhaji Kabiru Isah, who worshiped at the mosque, gave a graphic account of the incident.

“It was by Allah’s grace that we were saved. People were already rushing into the mosque as prayer time was fast approaching when one of the mosque committee members observed a polythene bag abandoned inside the mosque.

“He was so suspicious of the content of the polythene bag; and he immediately raised alarm. The police was informed. At this point, three men outside the mosque who thought the bomb had exploded shouted Allahu Akbar (God is great). They were immediately identified as the masterminds of the evil act and the police arrested them with the help of the worshipers.

“I thank Allah for saving the lives of his servants. It would have been another tragic story; and only God knows what their motive and mission were. I believe they are detractors who simply want to cause confusion and commotion in the state, but Allah exposed them,” Isah told our correspondent.

Source: The Nation

  1. mustapha Reply

    May expose many of them Ameeeeeeeen

  2. kabir Reply

    who are they and what are their identities?god is realy great may Allah protect us ameen

  3. tony Reply

    Wow, pple can be so smart, D̶̲̥̅̊ whole scenario was just planned, pls do better next time, we dnt buy dis, in D̶̲̥̅̊ churches that had bn blown, was dre a case of putting smtin in a bag α̲̅πϑ waiting for so long, is it nt always a case of suicide bombing, pls naijas α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ smarter dan dis, do better next time

  4. Bims Reply

    Haaa i cant belive dis as a true story

  5. Muneerat Reply

    Its nt d matter of believn or nt believn wt dis story. All it matters is Allah has saved hs servants 4rm dis devilish act of merciless pple in kano city. Allah wil cntinue 2 guide nd protect His believing servants whre eva de r. And by d grace of God d secret of dis ppl plntin bombs wil soon b blown

  6. Aloba charles Reply

    May allah be praise …but the main event is dat …doz bombers will not relent until dey die lyk d doz tag “infidels”. Hehehe

  7. Jasper Reply

    This story sounds very funny,there is no truth in it.

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