Uneasy Calm In Kaduna

Uneasy calm in Kaduna The mood in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria, looks calm, but inside many people here are tense and on edge. Every street is abandoned. Every business and school, closed.

No newspapers are on sale at traffic junctions, and no sign of the many people that make a living hawking cheap goods when it’s a red light, or selling mobile phone scratch card credit.

The only people visible are men in uniform, and they are virtually everywhere. The uniforms are those of the Nigerian military and police.

Their men have taken up positions on virtually every major road, and outside every important landmark in the State.

All this follows days of fighting between young Christian and Muslims, after three suicide bombers, believed to have been members of the Boko Haram sect, who want a strict from of Islamic law imposed throughout the country, struck churches last Sunday.

A strict 24-hour curfew is in place.

Culled from Aljazera

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