JTF Kills 4 Boko Haram Suspects, Recover Bomb-Laden Car

The Joint Task Force, JTF, during an afternoon raid on Saturday killed four suspected members of the Boko Haram sects in a gun battle at their hideout located at Janbulo quarters of Rijiyar Zaki general area of Kano metropolitan.

A Honda vehicle, which has been primed for a suicide mission, with large quantity of arms and ammunition, including high-capacity explosives were recovered during the raid.

JTF sources described the hideout as a “magnificent building” which served as the operational base for the militants.

The raid follows the arrest of four person who were caught planting an explosive device at the Waje Friday Mosque, said to have a capacity of about 15,000.

The Boko Haram has, however, released a press statement denying reports that the suspects arrested in connection to the failed bombing attempt had anything to do with them.

Spokesman of the JTF, Lt Ikedichi Iweha, who confirmed the operation, said: “A raid operation was carried out resulting in a gun duel, at the end of which four suspected terrorists were killed in their hideout, located at Jan-block of Rijiyar Zaki general area”

Eyewitness told reporters that “We were all in a state of shock over the unusual discovery at the premises of a magnificent building at Jan-bulo, believed to be the hideout of the suspected militants.”

Iweha called on the residents of the state to continue supporting the security agencies with useful information so as to make Kano free from terrorists.

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