PHOTO: Unknown Gunmen Kill Policemen In Onitsha (Viewers Discretion Advised)

Unknown Gunmen on Sunday killed these policemen at Okija, Ihiala LGA Anambra State.

The incident happened along the Onitsha -Owerri road, few kilometers from Onitsha.

Details still sketchy…


Photo credit: LIB

  1. Jim bobby Reply

    This is extremely bad. Even with the so-call bullet proof jackets? Do we still have security in this country?

  2. king Henry Reply

    were they all sleeping when this happend

  3. saheed Reply


  4. Nneka Atufunwa Reply

    Ewooooo chimooo.. The blood shading in this country is now out of hand. Men kill their fellow men like chicken, God please save us, have mercy and heal our land. Amen!

  5. Dabup G Reply

    Jim n King james, u guys are talking rubbish. If it were ur brodas(God 4bit) dat were killed would u hv asked such nonsense questns. It has happen period,may soul rest in peace,who kwns wht will happen 2him n wen. Pls security men b @alert always cos dis people are after ur guns only,so safe ur heads 1st.

  6. ogunplanet Reply

    its better, the corruption in that sector is so much that no adequate training on amunition handling and self protection is given to these men.Parry Osayande and his team shd resign so that proper employment and promotion can be based on merit.

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