The State Of Solidarity

By Adewale Shokoya

The State Of Solidarity. Photo: Cruise Nigeria After 98 years of Amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates which birthed Nigeria, we need to have a retrospective view of the future.

We must take steps to heal the wounds of the past before we can seize our future with both hands. We need to work together in unity sharing the same destiny under one flag, so we do not become aliens to our future.

We must draw strength from our history by making sure that the labour of our heroes past are not in vain and build bridges of unity to take our country to greater heights.

Nigeria is a nation of resilient people. We will not yield to any unruly force; we will not allow her disintegrate. This nation is our pride and we will stand for her.

If we consider patriotism a sacred obligation, then religious, tribal, political, ethnic and social affiliations and differences will not matter. The uniqueness and existence of this great nation lays in the unity of her people.

We must therefore, remain united and work together to defend our country. Nigeria has come to stay we cannot afford to lose her.

We need to say no to terrorism, no to militancy, no to ethnic cleansing, no to religious wars, no to corruption, no to injustice ‘Enough is Enough’. Let progress, peace and unity be evident in our nation.

It is high time we join hands together to build our nation; nobody will build it for us.

We are Nigerians!

The Pace has been set.
The Line has been drawn
The Race is about to begin
The Gun has been shot
Now, it’s time to run

The call for Solidarity is ringing out loud, who will answer it?

Aluta continua
Adewale Shokoya

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