Pastor Chris Okotie’s Church Releases Press Statement About His Failed Marriage

Pasor Chris Okotie and wife The Household of God Ministry on Monday released an official statement, announcing the dissolution of the marriage of its founder, Pastor Chris Okotie, to Stephanie Henshaw.

The official statement signed by the spokesman for the church, Ladi Ayodeji, read:

“The Pastor of our Church, the Household of God, Oregun, Lagos, Rev Chris Okotie announced his separation from Stephanie his wife of four years, at the end last Sunday service.

Both parties arrived at this decision after careful review of the prevailing circumstances which pointed to the fact that it is the best option for them at this time. They also agreed not to divulge details of this incident for personal reasons.

Rev Okotie thanks concerned friends and well-wishers and asked for understanding. He also expressed the hope that their decision would be respected as no further details would be given on this issue.” – Household of God spokesperson, Mr. Ladi Ayodeji

Okotie’s marriage to Stephanie was his second attempt at matrimony. He was first married to Tyna for 17 years, but the marriage packed up without any child. Stephanie had also been in two earlier marriages and had three children from the marriages.

  1. adeola Reply

    I wonder what this pastors are teaching there congregation nowadays, when a pastor can go through two divorces and publicising it. Where is the place of God whom they are preaching about, when God said ‘ I hate divorce’ I think pastor Chris is not worthy to be called a man of God cos he has disobeyed God twice. So, he is telling his congregation that divorce is good when God said its not good. I think the church need to rise up and pray against all these false preachers.

  2. charles Reply

    this is quite unfortunate for pastor chris that calls himself a man of GOD. 2 failed marriages! Wonder what he has to preach about marriage or the word of GOD.God help us !

  3. Okey Reply

    Never trust a woman that kisses with her eyes open. Chis should leave the pulpit and go back to his music. He is an embarrassment to real men of God.

  4. Nneka Atufunwa Reply

    What happned has happned, lets nt judge for God said we shld nt judge. Since they both agreed amicably 2 go their seperate ways, its left for God 2 judge. But i wonder wat dis kind of pastor wil preach to his congregation. All dis indicates signs of end time, things that don’t happen, happens nw. May God help us.

  5. ogunmola. s Reply

    Chris(pastor withhold) does not know what he wants in life, maritaly, spiritualy, politicaly is a failure. any member still remainin in his church is a failure and the are heading towards hell.

  6. Daniel-Mario Reply

    One wonders what has eaten up the rationality of the members of his congregation. Anyway, it is a matter of time, for he cannot deceive all of them all the time. But, how long will they even be fooled. Do they not know that as an unjust judge is no judge so a false pastor is no pastor since he is to pastor according to the mind of God who is against divorce Mt 19:8-9. His members ought to questions and eventually removed him. Let us stop mocking God.

  7. kingben Reply

    Beware of false prophet, on that. D̶̲̥̅̊A̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ ! Many will say τ̅☺ me lord I perform miracle I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ your name but I will say τ̅☺ them depart from me you workers of iniquities. Nigerians wise up most so- called ‘men of God ‘are enemies of †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ cross don’t lead astray as jugdement is inexcusabe

  8. Ifeoma Reply

    Ds Chris sef na wa. E really get 4 body. But let’s also check out other so called men of God and u ll not believe wot they do in hiding. Chris own better atleast he came out in d open. Una don hear Oritsejafor’s story(and others)?
    I think pastor Chris should move on and ds time,find a way gettin who ll give him atleast one child to bear his name instead of goin for the big babes. I never liked ds present one sef. so Pastor Chris so many ppl re lookin up to u. I feel ur pain but pls o enough is enough.

  9. Iyke Reply

    This is a disgrace to the Gosple.I want you to know that divorce is a sign of failure.Chris you have failed. I want you know this.This is why there are many churches in Nigeria but am sorry sorry what is going on in this country. Many of our so called pastors are not called by God but rather by their communities
    or they called themselves.

  10. ada Reply

    he is just tellin us that marriages shld not accomodate or forgive their diferrences.a so call man of Gd faling in two marriages.God forbid

  11. chinyere Reply


  12. Uche Reply

    Dear nigerias the blames should not go to the pastor alone, what of the woman who have married 3 x ,is she well enough ?she too is a mad woman .whole Africa woman marrying and remarrying for me she is very stupide for doing this kind of thing to the out she will marrying again

    • kennie Reply

      I have only read the 1st line of your comment when I felt the need to reply to your post. Which angle are you coming from if I may ask?
      Who else should you blame, if you do not blame the pastor. should a pastor be going through divorces like he is changing his choice of meal? He is not just a man, he is a man of God. should a pastor not know better? mermaid or witch? if care is not taken his next wife will be the devil herself.
      should a pastor not put his desire before God before taking step? what is his teaching about divorces? I feel so sorry for his congregation. my advice to them is to waste no time listening to men in the world in disguise.

  13. CitiGist Reply

    Pastor Chris Okotie is human being like all of us like pray for him. The word of God says execpt two agree they can never walk together.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    God knows the best, i can’t judge the pastor because no one is above mistakes. all he need is the divine grace of God.

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