We’ll Shut Mainstreet Banks If The 650 Sacked Workers Are Not Recalled: TUC

Mainstreet Bank Ltd The Trade Union Congress, TUC, has on Monday called on the management of Mainstreet Bank Limited to immediately reverse the Friday’s sack of 650 workers with immediately effect, describing the decision as unlawful.

The management of Mainstreet Bank Plc, formerly Afribank Plc, Friday, sacked no fewer than 800 workers despite the Federal Government’s directive to the management of the bank and organised labour to maintain status quo pending resolution of labour issues between the management and labour.

800 workers were affected, 650 were members of the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions, ASSBIFI, affiliated to the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, while the rest were members of the National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Employees, NUBIFIE, affiliated to Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC.

TUC threatened to mobilise all its affiliates to shut down operations of the bank nationwide if its demand was not met.

TUC’s Secretary General, John Kolawole, told reporters in Lagos that the affected workers were sacked without due process.

“We unequivocally demand the reversal of the terminations of over 650 staff members at the weekend, without due process by the management of Mainstreet Bank Ltd (MBL), failing which we will have no option than to mobilize all our affiliates, allies and resources to shut down completely the operations of the Bank nationwide.

“The TUC views this act of management of Mainstreet Bank as the height of provocation and lawlessness which is condemnable because they refused to obey the law of the land and by so doing, they have violated the Trade Disputes Act T8 & T9 Section 2, Sub section 1, the subsisting industry-wide Collective Agreement, and without any compensation,” he said.

According to Kolawale, “there have been series of meetings on labour issues in the bank that earlier promised that there would be no job loss and in the course of the committee’s assignment. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity had written a letter to the Bank to maintain the status quo by adhering to the above directive”.

“This is coming after few days of one of the series of the tripartite committee’s meeting in Abuja between representatives of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity, the sectorial union and management of Mainstreet Bank on the outstanding gratuity of the staff of the defunct Afribank Nigeria Plc taken over by Mainstreet Bank Limited.

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